Friday, February 9, 2018

DC Mayoral Election 2018

DC government politics... it is an election year and no "major contender" has challenged the incumbent, Mayor Muriel Bowser. Many have read my tweets regarding her and wonder why I do not support her.
A few may recall, I wasn't a fan of former Mayor Vince Gray at first. Working from the inside of the office, you see things differently than most. I was one of the few that was held over from the Fenty administration, and change is hard. Over time, Gray brought in some great people to work with and things flowed that led me to admire their passion. I believe, like many, that Gray would have had a chance of winning re-election if not for the U.S. Attorney's Office accused him of corruption one week before the Democratic primary. Nonetheless, Bowser won and again, I had to adjust to change. I worked with some great people, however, everyone was not pleasant to work with. That reflected in her policies and politics. I have called her a "placeholder" mayor. She has benefitted from her predecessors and the policies and actions they put in place. That is not a bad thing. Despite that, in the last four years, I can think of nothing significant achieved. I can understand if the some of the people of DC would re-elect her, especially some of the more privileged residents. The city is booming economically. However, poor residents who mostly reside East of the Anacostia River are challenged by food deserts, a nearly shuttered hospital, and higher homicide rates. Not to mention the cost of living and a shelter that is not fit for anyone to sleep in.

There are a lot of challenges ahead in creating a city where all can share at the table, not just big developer friends of Mayor Bowser and company. Will Vince run? It would be nice to see but can he pull enough votes to edge her out? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I see four more years of the status quo.

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