Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lead Me, Guide Me - A 30th Birthday!

Today I turned 30!

 A milestone for African-American men living in the United States. With the prevalence of ignorance to HIV-AIDS, unfriendly police officers (black and white) terrorizing our people, disease, homelessness, discriminatory high incarceration rates and host of prevalent issues plaguing  us, I am blessed. As I said my morning prayer, thanking the Lord for 3 decades on this planet, I shed a tear for many who did not make it, Ricky, Clarence and so many others who were making a difference in this world. I also remember family that I have lost in the last 30 years through cancer and violence.

I also remembered those who I may not speak to anymore, through loss of communication or other issues. Life is a puzzle; in less than 100 years we live to learn, and learn to live. As someone once said, when you stop learning, you stop living.

I am blessed to have a host of family and friends that I have been fortunate to have in my life. Each year, we learn and grow together.

This has been an amazing year for me. As a preachers kid, I am fortunate to have prayer warriors dating back decades who could only dream of the life I am fortunate to live. However, the journey is just beginning.

To 30 more years, and me celebrating your milestone birthdays!


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