Monday, September 8, 2014

A Facebook Discussion On Homosexuality and Morehouse

This discussion was with a young black male conservative living in Atlanta, GA.

KK: Does it upset you that people are referring to Morehouse as an all girl school? That is crazy

Me: No, I've heard the "Whorehouse" reference but never an all girl school. It doesn't bother me because the schools legacy speaks for itself. All schools are facing the challenges of adapting to the changes of the times.

KK: But when people say that they mean it as a put down. Times don't change that much.
It's a negative reference but being an all male school it is a big target. Specifically the handling of our gay brothers and even sisters at Spelman.

KK: Yea, I heard several alum express their dissatisfaction with all the gay stuff over there. They say it's making Morehouse look very bad when they had a legacy of strong men like King, Moss, and Mays etc...

Me: Morehouse and other prominent black institutions have been known to sweep it under the rug or some students live by the don't ask don't tell policy. After the unfortunate incident back in 2003 when a student was beat with a baseball bat that had to change. It is a good debate that is happening though. Can men who identify as gay not be strong and contribute to the legacy of Morehouse?

KK: My father in law just shakes his head when he sees what going on over there now. Dr. Franklin tried to clean that mess up and told the young that they need to carry themselves like men. Stop wearing heels and carrying purses like women. It's so ridicules.

Me: Dr. King worked along side with Bayard Rustin, an openly black gay man who helped with the March on Washington. I think Dr. King would be ashamed if his Alma mater didn't address this issue openly.
There are some extremes and as a private college the dress code policy I suppose has worked.
But off campus if a student decides to dress as such that's their right.

KK: You can still love people but hate the sin.

Me: That's open to Biblical interpretation of if it's a sin. But yes love is key, beyond tolerance.

KK:I'm sure Dr. King and Dr. Mays are rolling over in their graves at the state of that once great institution.

Me: I respectfully disagree that they would be upset over the state of the college based on sexual experience and acceptance.

KK: I hear everyday from brothers who just shake their heads in dismay and just say "Damn"!

Me: Morehouse has always been the leading school of intellectual conversation and thought. This issue is no different. We can't just cast out others who are different.

KK: The educated fool
Me: It's foolish to not be open to accepting people where they are. On a different level, if Morehouse was to someone implement a no homosexual policy can you imagine the funding the college would lose? It's a tough place for President Wilson to be in.

KK: I remember my parents telling me about that incident in 2003 that if any young man ever looked or touched me in the shower, I had their permission to find the largest 2 by 4 or bat to knock the hell out of him. And if I got in trouble they would be there to back me up 100%. Then all that stuff would stop. We've tried to be silent for far too long. Now, people are starting to push back and I am glad to see it.

Me: I think any person would be upset, no matter their sexual orientation because that's an invasion of privacy. There's also an appropriate way to handle things, especially if you're a college student at a prominent school. Whatever we did there negative or positive easily gets worldwide attention. I don't think the push for acceptance at Morehouse will stop. The entire country is moving in that direction and it would be unwise if Morehouse didn't.

KK:Actually, most states still have a constitutional ban and if we get a republican president next time around they will be able to fill the courts with conservative judges. I'm glad Georgia already has a gay marriage ban. Thank God

KK: It looks like the democrats will lose control of the Senate this Nov in the midterms.

Me: Those constitutional bans are being overturned every month it seems. I honestly don't care what someone wants to do with their life as it doesn't affect's another example of the government peeking into the bedroom.

KK: That's the problem. People should care. There are still places in this country where traditional values are upheld and GA is one of those states. Republicans control every statewide office and have enacted legislation to protect us.

KK: Whats fashionable in NY and California doesn't mean the rest of the US likes it. We aren't going to be controlled by Hollywood elites.

Me: That's what makes America so great and unique. The Bible belt states will probably keep their traditional conservative values. Fifty years ago we as blacks were not fully accepted as equals yet over time, we have overcome a lot...but as Ferguson showed us there is more to overcome on the civil rights front.

KK:Its unfortunate that the gays try to link their plight with being black. It's not the same and a lot of blacks folks get tired of them trying to say it is.

Me: Some civil rights leaders have said they are very similar battles.

KK: They are getting paid.

KK: No one takes Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, and Jesse Jackson seriously anymore. They are race hustlers and poverty pimps

Me: I won't argue that. The thing that's so unique about this generation is that it leads itself. This is a more accepting generation despite race or background.

KK:But honestly they 
can do whatever they won't just as long as the definition of marriage stays one man and one woman. I'm happy that is still is.

KK:Good discussion.

Me: Definitely!

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Will said...

You gave a great response Keith. It is good to see people share opposing viewpoints in an intelligence manner without either side getting messy. I was a worried there in the beginning, but it turned out to be a good exchange.