Sunday, August 10, 2014

Michael "Mike Mike" Brown

I am outraged as I write this blog post. As many of you may know, or are learning of this morning about a young black male who was killed (murdered) yesterday by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, which is just outside of St. Louis. He was shot 8 to 10 times while unarmed with his hands up. He allegedly stole candy from a local convenience store. Furthermore, Mike's body was left in the street for 4 hours before they removed him. The officer, a white cop, has been put on administrative paid leave pending investigations. Of course, the neighborhood marched outraged and the police responded with heavy force, including K-9 dogs.

Now after I read this last night I was really livid. I just couldn't enjoy my Saturday night knowing what had happened just a few states over to the west. I know we love to jump to the race card when this happens, but we must first learn all the facts, including learning the details of what led to the EXCESSIVE shooting of this young man who was about to attend college tomorrow. Black or white, there is no justification for shooting an unarmed human being that many times. Unfortunately, this has happened all too often by officers who have used excessive force on white and black men, but disproportionately black men have been killed.

The police response to those assembled who had the right, morally and constitutionally, to be outraged brought the images to my mind of the Civil Rights marches of the 60's. The only thing missing were the water hoses. Sure the job of a police officer can be rough, the motto "protect and serve" is a creed they live by and are to uphold. But the EXCESSIVE militaristic and barbaric ways of this department is troublesome.

Sadly Mike Brown will not be attending his first day of college tomorrow. Sadly a family lost a son, a nephew and a grandson to a meaningless death. However, we must make a meaningless death a meaningful one by exercising our rights to protest police brutality and beginning to value black life. We need to crush the stereotypes and begin to see that every life is valuable, no matter what race you are, in addition the war on young African-American males, which seems never ending. Let us all take a moment of silence, for those who have died at the hands of police brutality, and may their souls rest in peace.


♫Musique♫ said...

Something must be done...This "Vigilante" type justice on unarmed people especially Blacks and People of Color Must stop

Will said...

Now, I'm a little worried about the potential response on both sides following the decision of the grand jury. Media reports have stated that if the grand jury decides not to indict him, then the community, led by the Black Panther Party, plans a protest that could result in violence. On the other side, the KKK is planning their own protests if they DO indict him, and they even vowed to use lethal force against the Ferguson protesters. The head KKK leader in the Missouri area sounded quite ominous on the news last night. I really fear what may be in the future there, which could spread to other parts of the country.