Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Opinion: "Throw That Boy Pussy" Video

Yesterday, I had the chance to engage in a little debate regarding the video "Throw That Boy Pussy by Fly Young Red. Watch here Perusing Twitter, I found that many people, both gay and straight have an opinion about the video. In my debate yesterday, the gay black male I was debating with said he identified more with the rapper. He's someone who doesn't do the gay clubs a lot, not too familiar with the gay lingo but just likes guys. Additionally he said it was a big change from seeing RuPaul being the image sold to the world about black gay males. Of course he was only referring to the rapper. What about the lyrics and the dancers in the video?

The lyrics are quite amusing but I personally don't care for the term "boy pussy". It insinuates that the male is the receiver or bottom and it purports the male as effeminate. Now this may or may not be true but it generalizes that all black males that are bottoms have a "pussy". My biggest issue is selling this term to mainstream culture. I am for the creativity of the video, as I believe people need to see other aspects of the black gay culture other than what is shown on TV. However, in our creativity we must be reminded to not demean ourselves and limit ourselves to the masculine, feminine roles and creating more bias and stereotypes.

The dancers in the videos were great. I believe many people around the world got their first look of a black male "twerking". Many comments I read saw this as disgusting and the religious folks threw the entire Bible at the video on the comment boards. We live in a society that is more open and more accepting than anytime in our history. People tend to forget that homosexuality and race are social constructs. May we continue to break down these walls to reflect images of us, no matter our sexual preference, role or skin color.