Monday, August 12, 2013

Keith's Topics: Chris Brown, March on Washington, Donnie McClurkin and More

Good day folks! It's time I do another blog with my thoughts regarding a few current events brewing in the news and gossip wheel. First, I am sad to write that summer is almost over. I didn't get away but I plan on taking some time off in September (Atlanta) and later in the year. I am planning on visiting Puerto Rico next year, so I am definitely looking forward to that, as well.

Chris Brown stays in the news and I rarely comment on anything regarding him, as I am a fan of his music and talent, however I think he's at a stage, after dealing with so much, that he needs to take a break from society. He stated on Twitter last week that after his next album drops at the end of the month, it could be his last. A lot celebrities take breaks but not bow out of their industry. With Chris' talent he should be able to hop right back on the wagon when he does return...which I am sure he will for the record.

The news has been hitting up the local email list servs in DC all weekend regarding the Donnie McClurkin/Mayor Gray/March on Washington drama. Mayor Gray was allegedly pressured by gay rights activists to un-invite gospel singer Donnie McClurkin from the line up of talent from a concert this past weekend, citing that the "ex gay" singer's comments on homosexuality were offending. Mayor Gray's office says that the singer un-uninvited himself. No matter who did what, I find this situation to be a unique and touchy one to handle. McClurkin is a talented gospel singer who believes he has been ridden of homosexuality. As many, like myself, don't believe that is actually possible, we should still respect that stance and let him be. I have not heard the alleged comments he once made about homosexuality but again, he is there to sing, not to give a speech. I think the very liberal gay left wing can go too far with the battle against homophobia. I asked myself, would Dr. King have allowed a man such as this sing in his church or perform at the March on Washington? We all know Bayard Rustin, an openly black gay man who helped organize the March on Washington, was key so could an ex gay person not be as equal?

Speaking of the March on Washington we are coming up on the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest demonstrations for jobs, justice and equality that our nation has ever seen. Before the main events that will take place, DC will hold a rally meeting up at the DC War Memorial at 8:30 am on August 24th. As you know, the original rally focused on a myriad of issues and that included DC voting rights in congress and/or statehood/home rule. Residents and visitors will meet up in extremely high numbers to add a voice to the cause for the District of Columbia to become the 51st state. Dr. King was also a proponent for DC to have self governance. This link tells a pretty good detail of Dr. King and his involvement with the fight for DC.

Football season is back! Yes I am a CowBOYS fan, which many find out of place but there are so many Cowboys fan in DC, I like to say DC stands for Dallas Cowboys. Lol. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how RGIII will be playing after a very serious injury to his knee last season. Tony Romo and the Cowboys take on the 2011-2012 Super Bowl champs and conference rival the New York Giants in the Sunday Night Football game opener in Dallas September 8th.

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