Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gay Dating (Atlanta)

Good day people! I decided to write this blog based off a comment made by no one other than Sheree Whitfield, a former housewife from the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Watch What Happens Live! Sheree said that dating was hard in Atlanta. I retweeted that comment (@keithjonesjr) and it got a lot of attention.

Having spent a few years in Atlanta I can speak on the dating scene there. I don't think it is hard to date there. I think it is what you make it. Atlanta is a place where you can party every single day of the week. If you are tied into that club scene, you are not really considered the datable type. On the flip side, if you are holding down a job, party socially, have your own house/apartment and or car, then you are considered more datable. That's just my view. I agree with one of my Twitter followers who said I don't really have a bad story of someone I dated in Atlanta. Now DC on the other hand...just read my older blogs. I also have to add that dating in your hometown can be interesting/difficult. For a while, I thought it was just me who saw that perspective. However in looking at who my friends and associates have dated or coupled up with, very few share the same hometown. One of my Twitter followers said he lived in Atlanta for 18 years and has found no guys there he likes. I think another follower put it best when he said, "it was all either incompatibility or just wrong timing." That can summarize a lot of situations when it comes to dating anywhere. What are your experiences or views on gay dating or dating in Atlanta?


Will said...
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Will said...

I happen to think that Atlanta and DC are a lot alike. You have your professional, business types. But you have your party and club types too. And people do judge you. If they think you’re too much one way or the other, some people don’t think you are worth their time. But it’s just like you said, Keith. It’s what you make it. If you can do it all (meaning you have a job, your own house or apartment, a car, and are seen out socially), then some people tend to think you are a good catch. But my experience with Atlanta dating is limited to one person, but didn’t work out so well because I was in DC while he was in Atlanta. Long distance relationships just don’t work unless you have plans to end up living in the same city. If neither one plans to move, then there’s no point even starting to date someone long distance.

Keith Jones said...

So true Will. Long distance dating is not easy unless both people plan on living closer together in the future.