Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keith's Topics: Pride, DC Mayoral Race, Obama at Morehouse

Hey folks, it's time for another blog entry where I cover a few topics in one. First, happy pride season to all! This weekend in DC from my experience and from what I have heard had massive turnouts at all of the events planned by the different promotions. I was at Love Saturday night to see Brandy. She performed two songs acapella and stayed around for a little while. While I have had the pleasure to meet her on a few occasions and see her perform, I'm sure many were disappointed that she did not do more. Across the way at Fur Lil' Kim did her thing . Miami Sizzle seems to have had a decent turnout, although many believe the tide is shifting back to DC. I see the two going back and forth over the years to come since to quote someone, "DC is coming back." One must understand why DC "left" in the first place. The wonderful Nationals baseball stadium is pretty much built where all the gay black clubs were in the city. Since those venues were shut down, DC lost pretty much all of its club presence on the black gay scene. Honestly to this day, there is a struggle, as promotions are renting out venues such as Aqua, Love, Fur and Muse amongst others to host their events. I wish that the promoters would get together with the boat loads of money they made this past weekend and invest into more permanent venues in the DC area. Speaking of pride in general, I'm looking forward to Capital Pride next weekend and NYC black pride at the end of June. I'll be sure to report the happenings of those events (as I remember them) Lol.

Well we are over a year away until DC residents go to the polls to elect a mayor and a few names have been thrown into the ring officially and unofficially. Tommy Wells, Ward 6 councilmember, Muriel Bowser, Ward 4 councilmember, and Jack Evans, At-Large have or will announce their candidacy. Mayor Gray has not announced plans yet. Assuming he does, I see vote splitting happening all over the 8 Wards, which could work in favor of the incumbent, Mayor Gray. As data shows, DC residents in certain Wards vote a certain type of way. The last special and general elections shows that. It is still too early to make a call on this one, overall, though let's get ready for the political machines to kick up their campaigns after the summer.

President Obama was the commencement speaker at my venerable institution, Morehouse a couple of weeks ago. For years the college has wanted him to come so it was only a matter of time before he did. Thanks to the help of Morehouse president Wilson, who was director of Obama's White House HBCU program's, I'm sure helped to expedite Obama's visit. President Obama gave an exhilarating speech, simply saying, there are no excuses to not achieve. Obama also acknowledged being good to your spouse, wife or partner. Being the former student Senator and member for the LGBT group SafeSpace at Morehouse from '04-'08, I couldn't have been prouder that he made that comment. Black men, gay and straight, struggle with homosexuality. It is no secret that black gay men attend and have attended Morehouse since maybe the founding of the college. As times change I am glad to see the work of my predecessors and those who have followed have kept the fight alive for dialogue and ideas to share on on not just tolerance but acceptance of the black gay man at Morehouse College and how that fits in with being a "Man or Morehouse" or a "Morehouse Man".

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gay Dating (Atlanta)

Good day people! I decided to write this blog based off a comment made by no one other than Sheree Whitfield, a former housewife from the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Watch What Happens Live! Sheree said that dating was hard in Atlanta. I retweeted that comment (@keithjonesjr) and it got a lot of attention.

Having spent a few years in Atlanta I can speak on the dating scene there. I don't think it is hard to date there. I think it is what you make it. Atlanta is a place where you can party every single day of the week. If you are tied into that club scene, you are not really considered the datable type. On the flip side, if you are holding down a job, party socially, have your own house/apartment and or car, then you are considered more datable. That's just my view. I agree with one of my Twitter followers who said I don't really have a bad story of someone I dated in Atlanta. Now DC on the other hand...just read my older blogs. I also have to add that dating in your hometown can be interesting/difficult. For a while, I thought it was just me who saw that perspective. However in looking at who my friends and associates have dated or coupled up with, very few share the same hometown. One of my Twitter followers said he lived in Atlanta for 18 years and has found no guys there he likes. I think another follower put it best when he said, "it was all either incompatibility or just wrong timing." That can summarize a lot of situations when it comes to dating anywhere. What are your experiences or views on gay dating or dating in Atlanta?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My View on the Morehouse College Rape Allegation

As you may know, four Morehouse College athlete students' were charged with rape of a Spelman student, which allegedly happened on campus. Morehouse College released a statement:
In March, there were two alleged assault incidents involving Morehouse students.
After the information was brought to the attention of campus police, the suspectswere identified and arrested.

While we cannot speak to specifics of these cases, our policies and procedures call for disciplinary actions against students who violate our code of conduct and the law, up to and including dismissal from the College.

Morehouse has a zero tolerance policy related to violence of any kind.  Violence is the very antithesis of the Morehouse ethos and the values of a Morehouse Man.
Morehouse College police are working with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and will continue to do so until these cases are resolved.

The college has also been in the news recently for replacing the baccalaureate speaker, an alum pastor from Philly, who criticized President Obama for not having enough black people in his cabinet. President Obama is the commencement speaker in May.

These are unique times at Morehouse; trying to define a classic image in a new era. This includes the type of students being admitted. I have said that admissions should tighten up requirements for students entering the college...even at the athletic level. There was an allegation of a Spelman student being raped a few years ago, however that case was refuted for not being true and never made the press. The allegations overall are a concern, as Morehouse students may need some sort of teaching on not only respecting each other, but also  respecting women and the consequences of engaging in illicit acts.

This may be the biggest case to come across Morehouse since the Greg Love incident in 2003. Mr. Love was attacked by a baseball bat for allegedly trying to look at another male student in the dorm showers. I met Greg a few times, most recently a couple of years ago in New York and he seems to be doing well. These cases go to show that sexuality both homo and hetero needs to continually be addressed from the administration level on down to the student peer group level. We live in a " highly sexualized society" so it only makes sense to educate and have dialogue with students about this.