Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blackberry 10, the Comeback of Blackberry?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend the Blackberry Fan Event at Milk Studios in New York City. My friend won a contest which is received the new phone and I was fortunate to be invited. Blackberry still has a large following. I was amazed at how many people still use the Blackberry phones, truly loyal to the franchise. 

I had a chance to play with the Blackberry 10 and learn about its features. Many are pretty impressive such as video chat with the ability to share your screen with another caller, or the ability to have multi-video chat using Oovoo. The phones processor is strikingly fast. The design is what you would expect for a Blackberry phone, but with a sleek look and feel. The phone is available today in Canada, next month in the UK and March for the US.

Is Blackberry back? Well, assuming Blackberry was gone from the popular culture of phones in which the Apple iPhones have dominated I would say yes. Apple needs to get innovative with their next set of phones, as people will get tired of the minor changes made every release and out of curiosity, check out the Blackberry.

It was also nice that the CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins stopped by to take a make a few remarks and took quite a few pictures with guests.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year folks!

I am alive and well here in the District. I brought in the New Year in NYC with my best-friend and brother at a very posh spot in NYC called Parlor. I certainly, as always, had a great time in the "big apple". Most New Yorkers hate when folks call it that but whatever.

Anyway, I am still with the mayor's office, now going into my 3rd official year but 4th overall, as I started out as an intern.
 I am very much single. YES, I know you are wondering why? Well, I will save that for another blog.

So far, 2013 has been going well 17 days in. 2012 was a bittersweet year for me. I lost a lot of close people, including two former teachers', a few friends', and as you may have read, a family pet. I hope to go into 2013 strong and get past that, always keeping their lives and our shared memories to cherish forever.

I promise I will try to update this blog more (I pay $10 to renew the domain name every year). I seem to fail miserably at New Year's resolutions so I wont categorize that promise under that. I was surprised to hear that people actually read my blogs, Lol. I know a few of you do but I will just keep on writing with my  views and life experiences.