Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Black Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta

Hello folks,

It has been a while since I have written a blog and what better way to start off than to write about something and someone who I have known for a few years. Robert C. Wright was elected the first African-American Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta last Saturday on the campus of Morehouse College. I have known Bishop Wright for about 5 years. I would attend his services at St. Paul Episcopal Church where he served as rector. His congregation worked in conjunction with the Episcopal Campus Ministry at Morehouse, the Absalom Jones Chapel, where I became an Episcopalian in 2005. The historic significance of his ordination goes beyond color barriers. Speaking on a personal level, his character, personality and teachings have certainly left a mark on me and clearly the many Episcopalians in the Diocese of Atlanta. Father Wright, as I have affectionately called him, led a very diverse congregation. I remember attending an Easter service and serving on the alter with him. The service was full of flair with trumpets, incents, candles and flowers. It was one of the best Easter services I have ever attended. I pray that Bishop Wright will lead the Diocese of Atlanta in the right direction and also I pray for the former Bishop that I was confirmed under, who has by the way written many books on the church and homosexuality, Bishop J. Neil Alexander.