Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Wassup people?! It has been a minute! My summer has certainly been busy. Where do I begin? Well my birthday was amazing. I spent it in Atlanta. But before that, a friend of mine won tickets to see Brandy perform at the Howard Theatre where we also got to go back stage after the show and take a picture with her and Q from 112. I met Brandy before and she still looks amazing. She performed some of her classics and one of her new songs.

Atlanta was a lot of fun for my bday. I really did it up down there with my bro and friends. The party moved from Atlanta back to DC to Philly to end in New York. Yes I drove! Philly was nice, as I finally got a chance to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall...I am a big history nerd. New York was amazing as I had a chance to see my NY friends and party with them.

Work has been consistent...nothing major to report there. Oh I was quoted in the Washington Post recently for my office...http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/dc-expands-its-anti-littering-program/2012/08/02/gJQAtEczSX_print.html

Still single and not quite looking. I have decided to meet guys the old fashioned way...in person and not via an app or website. So far that has been very promising. I will keep you all update if anything comes from that.

I'll be back in NYC for black pride in a couple of weeks then I'm looking forward to the Morehouse-Howard game aka Nation's Classic in DC Labor Day weekend...which means I will not be in Atlanta for black pride.

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Will said...

First off, all your time in the gym is really showing off. I can see it in the pic. Keep up the great work Keith.

I'm the same way as you are when it comes to history. Me and my S/O went to Philly a couple of years ago and we got to see the Liberty Bell, The Franklin Institute, and Independence Hall for the first time. We're moved by history the same way that you are. We were so excited.

You have the right idea about dating. When you actually go out on dates and meeting people face-to-face and spending time with them - with your clothes on is always better. I think too many people hide behind their computers or their cell phones and it becomes too easy for them to be someone other than themselves. The old fashioned method is always best in my opinion. Good luck.