Friday, June 1, 2012

DC Black Pride 2012


Good day folks, I am writing to you one week after DC Black pride took over the streets, clubs and bars of the District. This was my first time in attendance in about 5 years. The last time I was in town for DC black pride I spoke on a panel representing Morehouse and HBCU's regarding LGBT issues on black campuses. Here is a photo from that... 

Keith on DC Pride Panel, 2006
 This year, pride was historic for a number of reasons. First, there was a tremendous push for DC black pride this year. Word got around pretty fast that DC was back and planning to out all out. With WassupNATL and Omega Entertainment as the main promoters, I think people left pleased. Friday night left you with 3 club options, and all were packed from what I heard.

 Saturday was the second historic night, as part of the National's baseball stadium was turned into a club. Never has this been done before anywhere to my knowledge. This event also made history because over 10 years ago, the area where they stadium sits now was where most of the gay clubs in  DC were located. The gheys took over SW DC again for one night! And what a night it was! I had not experienced something like that since maybe my first Atlanta pride. On the bad side, two clubs held a "after party" events. Lace night club and The Legend. Lace was shut down because of an alleged fight and The Legend had a line as long as the day. I don't think anyone who thought of this idea expected such a huge turnout at 3:30am.

Sunday brought a pool party which I did not attend but I heard it turned out very well. Sunday was also one of the hottest and humid day of the year so I did not attend much until the evening where I went to the WassupNATL party at Ultra Bar. There was also the options of club Muse and Love nightclub. Ultra Bar reminded me of a typical night out in Atlanta at a club. the DJ was clearly out of the A because certain songs he played you will never here in a DC club again ANDDD he didn't play any go-go. That nigh ended with Terrell Carter performing. He was an actor for Tyler Perry who was outed by his ex-boyfriend....messy. Nonetheless his vocals are very good and the guys seemed to be into him.

Monday was a cookout I did not attend because it was too hot but I hear it was really nice.

Overall, DC stepped up its game this year. Miami Sizzle from initial reports was slightly dry. I do miss the beach though! Next pride blogs will be about DC Capital Pride (Yea another one) New York pride (Janet Jackson!) and Fire Island Black Out (FIBO).


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