Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updates on Everything!

Hello people! I know it has been a while but I thought it was time to come from hiding and write a blog. I am doing well, working in the Acting capacity of DC Clean City Coordinator. A now one man show over an very small but important agency has taken a lot of my time but it continues to be a great experience. I am going to bullet a few ideas from topics happening in the last few months.

  • Obama on gay marriage: This was no huge shocker as we knew Obama supported gay civil unions. He took it one step forward and went extreme liberal by endorsing same-sex marriages. Political move? You bet it is. I don't think this stance will help him with moderates and the conservative states that voted for him last go round. Only time will tell. Least we not forget Obama is the man who under his presidency captured and killed Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.
  • DC Politics: Harry Thomas, Jr.: Sad story here but again no surprise. He had it coming for taking tax paying dollars and allocating it to his pockets instead of towards the kids it was intended to help. When he finishes serving his 3 plus years maybe most of us will forget and he will be able to redeem himself. This is DC....Marion Barry did.
  •  Morehouse College: President Franklin "transitioning": I was around when the election to replace president Walter Massey '58 was in full swing.The Reverend Dr. Michael Franklin has lead the college with the premise of instituting "a well-balanced Morehouse Man." I believe he has done well in keeping the spirit of dear ol' Morehouse alive but when it comes to finances, he is no Massey, who brought millions of dollars to the institution during his tenure as president.
  • Fitness: Many of you know my history on personal fitness. After losing all of the weight, I am in the processing of putting on some muscle weight and toning. BORING! Gym buddies apply inside. 
  • Love life: DOA...then again let me write more on this topic. This may come across as "shady" to some who read this but PLEASE explain to me why dudes in a relationship (wasn't initially disclosed) want to "hook up?" Having your cake and eat it too is quite elementary. Then after it it revealed (via Twitter...oops I'm nosy) you still try it? Being on both ends in the past of being cheated on and cheating it is not even worth it, believe me
  • RHOA: Hilarious! Can't wait for the next season and just like Chateau Sheree...she wont be there when you tune in.
  •  Tupac: WOW that was some amazing graphics done at Coachella. Hip Hop/Rap/R&B, as usual, setting the trend. Expect to see a hologram Elvis soon.
Congrats to all those graduating including my bestie from Morehouse and other's.  I will be in ATLANTA this weekend for commencement. Also, and this is sorta breaking news... I will be in DC for pride or the first time in 5 years for Memorial Day weekend. Sorry Miami I will have to hit you up later this summer.