Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dedication of Life: Our Family Pet. Cinnamon

It seems the Lord is pushing me through a storm. This year has not been good with the loss of close people and companionship. I lost our family pet today, Cinnamon. We had her for over 10 years. I remember the day we got her. I had just got in the house one Saturday from a debate tournament during my junior year in high school. All Cinnamon wanted to do was sleep. At the time she wasn't a kitten but wasn't very big. I would guess around 2 or 3 years old. Cinnamon was not like any other cat. She had dog like ways. She would growl at other dogs and eventually ended up weighing near 20lbs. I can remember many Christmases; one where she knocked the tree over! Indeed this pet lived a very lavish life thanks to my mother who supplied that cat with every need. I am glad Cinnamon passed in the comfort of her home with family around. This morning I had a chance to really say good bye. I could tell she was weak and hated to see her in that state. We know all dogs go to heaven and if the creator is the God I know he is, there is a place for cats too.

The picture above was one that I got a good laugh out of. Cinnamon getting a shot lol. Good memories.