Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Possessive/Jealous Dating

Today I have a unique but very common topic to blog about. Possessive and/or jealous partners in dating or in a relationship. I blog about this because I believe I have recently engaged someone who shows these signs. I have only known him for a few weeks yet I have never encountered anyone that have shown these signs, especially when intoxicated. This person is very smart and good looking, so I am surprised at the actions they display when we are out. For example, If I glance at another guy, he assumes I want him (this has happened a couple of times) It gets to the point where he approaches the guy and practically puts me out there. As I was out for a friend's bday at a club last night, he ended up being there and standing over me the entire time. Sure, it is nice to see someone and be around them but I do not like being controlled or bossed around. We had our second heated argument, (the first resulting in me taking him home after a house party and I being called everything but a child of God) in the parking lot in which I told him me is a possessive and jealous guy. He admitted to being a jealous guy but even as I type this I can say I can be a jealous guy, but not to the extent of standing over any dude all night, especially one I just met. I know people who have been in relationships for years who to my knowledge never displayed such insecure actions. I'll just list a couple of circumstances and you tell if if shows jealousy or possessiveness: (Mind you we just met 3 weeks ago...)

1.Calling me baby or introducing me as his "boyfriend."
2. Asking to see my cellphone and gets upset when I don't.
3. Ask specific questions to what I am doing at the moment.
4. Get's upset If I look at another dude.
5. Calls me, then texts me to call him If I don't pick up the phone.
6. Get's every tweet I write directly to his phone as a text.
7. Standing over me at a party all night.


UrSoVain said...

Yup, he's crazy. And it will only get worse.

Will said...

Wow another good topic. First of all, I find that creepy, especially for only having just met 3 weeks earlier. It’s he’s like that now, you know what to expect in the future. Second, unless we’ve had a discussion that we’re more than just friends. Don’t call me baby or introduce my as anything but a friend. I can be a little cynical. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “he ended up being there.” I don’t believe that at all. He probably knows you like hanging out there and he made a point to be there. If he weren’t such a jealous person, then maybe I’d agree he just happened to be there. I think we all can be jealous. But I’m more jealous when someone gives me a reason to question what they tell me. But jealous to that level after only 3 weeks? You need to watch him. He probably will get worse.

Oh, and I’ve read things that suggest that a lot of very handsome and physically fit/sexy people are often like that. I don’t get it.

Raul said...

Yeah, sounds like he's very possessive and could get worse. This isn't healthy