Thursday, February 9, 2012

Assults on the LGBT Community

In recent days, we have heard and seen surges of attacks both vocally and physically of LGBT persons. First, we read about the tweet from Ronald Martin during the Superbowl which asserted that if a man was to get excited about a pair of underwear, he should be smacked. Martin days later would be suspended from CNN for his tweet after pressure from GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.) Later the same week, we saw a young, presumably gay black male, viciously assaulted outside of a corner store in southwest Atlanta. The FBI and Atlanta police are investing. 

While I don't believe the two are remotely connected, both have raised national attention again on the treatment of LGBT people and specifically in the African American community. First, It is no secret that hatred is spoken from the pulpit in churches across the country every Sunday. I never understood how Christians and some pastors can make Jesus, a man who walked amongst with the most oppressed of people, to be construed into a Jesus that hates a certain sect of people. Second, It is unfortunate that it took these recent events to create dialogue again about one of the many problems plaguing the black community. We have come too far as a people to let something as small as one's sexual orientation be the achilles heel of our progress in this country. Especially when LGBT have and continue to have an influence on this country and the world. In short, we cannot ask for full acceptance as many people are set in their ways and beliefs but tolerance is a first step towards changing the mindset of a well-known journalist and a couple of "low life thugs."



Will said...

You make great points Keith, and I do think they are connected in a broad sense. It reflects just how uncomfortable society still is about homosexuality. Even though Martin indicated afterwards that his remarks were not meant as an attack on the gay community, that’s precisely what it was, in my opinion. His words were just as much a lgbt attack as the physical one outside that convenience store.

It’s tragic, and your point about Christians is also on point. They shout how homosexuality goes against God. Well, doesn’t hatred and discrimination go against God as well? I think it does. You’re absolutely right about that. With all the problems and struggles in our community, it’s so appalling that people can focus their attention and worry about who someone loves or wants to marry. Yes, I agree, tolerance is indeed the first step. That’s why it’s important for employers to teach tolerance to employees....regularly/often. The more dialogue there is about the lgbt community, the more heterosexuals can reach a greater understanding which will help them to reach that level of tolerance. That’s also why I believe people need to come out of the closet. As heteros meet and get to know more gays and lesbians and realize that we all are the same with the same passions in life and the same desires for happiness and love and peace, they will over time shed some of their feelings of bias and hatred.

Keith Jones said...

Good points Will. By the way I appreciate all of your comments on my blogs; I do read each one of them.