Friday, November 18, 2011

Workin' On My Fitness (Fall/Winter)

This time of year is the hardest to focus on maintaining a healthy diet or working out with the holidays just around the corner. However it is possible to enjoy your holiday meals and keep a fit body during the cold months. First as it relate to meals, eat in portions. Eating one or two meals a day actually does not help you lose weight. The body goes into self preservation mode when you starve it, so 4 or 5 smaller portions throughout the day works best. The day after Thanksgiving...and Christmas, expect the gym to be packed. Most people feel guilty after consuming so much food so if you are in that number be prepared for the crowds. I recommended working out the day before each holiday. Also this time of year is important to space out your workout routines. Cardio one day and hitting the weights another is never a bad idea. If your gym has a sauna, use it! Since most people don't sweat as much in the winter the sauna provides a nice alternative. Saunas are used to get that extra water weight off o you. They are also good for the skin and for many helps with asthma. Back to the dinner table, avoid 3 or 4 helpings of anything. Americans tend to put on a pound per holiday season which adds up over time if there is no routine physical exercise. Don't let the cold weather stop you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walmart is a' coming to the District

It is officially being announced today that Walmart is coming to the District of Columbia. Walmart has been in talks with the city for a while now in bringing its stores to the city. Today we learned DC will get 6 stores. A bit of overkill to me personally speaking. I was happy with 3, each being spread out across the city.

Even with 6 Walmarts in DC, I have found from living in the south the best, well-stocked Walmarts are always in the burbs. I wonder will quality matter though, with 6 Walmarts existing in "one city". Moreover, how will this affect traffic? DC, just released today, is in a region with horrible traffic delays. Will Walmart add to that problem? Well we will not know the answer to these questions until all the stores actually open, in a couple years I would imagine as some sites need serious redevelopment (Skyland). Speaking of Skyland, the final push for a Walmart East of the Anacostia River was brought to new light today. The Skyland shopping center has been fighting the city government for years over an imminent domain battle, with Skyland arguing historic preservation. But let's be real the stores in the area are way over priced (Discount Mart) and serve little use to the public other than a liquor store on the far end and a auto repair store attached to a Department of Employment Office. The other question, with a more obvious answer, is will Walmart drive small businesses out of the city? As we have seen in many areas around the country, "mom and pop" stores stand no chance to the mighty corporation. In addition, will Walmart pay decent wages to DC RESIDENTS? It is nice to have a job but can you afford to live in DC on a Walmart salary? I hope that Walmart will bring much needed economic development while investing in the communities it is about to enter.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Relations of a Relationship

It seems like I get this question at least once a day. Why aren't you in a relationship or why are you single...still?" Then with the added you're attractive, and have a nice body and funny and blah blah blah. Thank you, but right now I do not seek a relationship.  

Let me give you a back story. I have had five serious relationships and each one taught me something. I am grateful that I still communicate with each of them so there were never any hard feelings in the break ups. We broke up over what I see now as silly stuff... minus the one that cheated. One passed in car accident last year and we hadn't spoken in about a year or so. Therefore I have made it mandatory to keep up with the people who in many ways are apart of me as I am of them. As you can see, I take the matter seriously and never with a light heart or mind. Sure guys hit on me and I have even had one tried to get serious after the first date. Really? Nothing is more unattractive than someone who comes off as "thirsty." We can agree for arguments sake that I may be a good catch but don't you think I seek the same? My last dating experience taught me that nothing should be rushed. I Love him to death but I was simply not ready to settle down. Is that a crime? In the gay world that's pretty much like saying I want to continue to be a whore. But how about I want to continue to develop my myself internally. Everyone meets at different levels. If is it meant to be I don't believe it has to be forces or rushed, it naturally happens.