Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Survived the East Coast Earthquake

I was just walking in the office on the 3rd floor of the John A. Wilson building with lunch in hand around 1:55 pm, when the building had a slight rattle. Someone asked, "what was that?" As the shaking got more intense we took cover then proceeded to emergency evacuate the building. With only my cell and my frozen yogurt in hand, we left the building. By the time we got outside, the streets were flooded with tourists and federal/dc employees crossing the street onto Freedom Plaza. Everyone was taking to their cell phones to call loved ones or to find out what was happening. Fortunately I was able to tweet and read that an earthquake had struck in Virginia and the shock waves were felt as far as NYC. I honestly thought it was a bomb, as working only two blocks from the White House, you have to expect the worst. Fortunately no one was seriously injured and we are awaiting further reports on structures and bridges in the region. There was a report that there is cracks in the floor of the John Wilson building, which may have yours truly working from home. Since Metro was running with extreme delays as the feds had an early release. I walked 5 miles home. Yes, the modern day Fredrick Douglass (look up that history) All is well..next...Hurricane Ireme.


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Joys of Life

Good day people. If you are reading this I hope you are well. So this summer has certainly been EPIC to say the very least. Summer will be going out with a bang in Atlanta for me for pride, followed by the Morehouse vs. Howard classic game in DC at RFK stadium.

Before that though, I have been in between NYC, Philly and DC all Summer attending pride events, Fire Island Black Out (Which deserves a blog of its own)  and many other events.  However this past Saturday night a car accident proved to me that in a flash, life can be gone.

 I always go by the mottos, "I'll sleep when I die" and, "do it big if you can while you can." Without question had the good Lord had other plans for me I could say I have no regrets. Fortunately my passenger and I came out unscaved in what could have easily been a bad accident. Around 2:55 AM Sunday night at the intersections of Florida and Georgia avenues NW a white vehicle made an illegal left turn from the middle lane around a tractor trailer and slammed right into me. I never saw the car coming but my friend did. The other driver proceeded to drive off. I never got a glance of anything other than seeing a white car and 3 black male passengers. I'm pretty sure I went into a state of shock as I don't recall much about the damage of their car. According to my friend their car was smoking and the hood had popped up. It took the police TWO hours to respond as from what I could hear and see they had an extremely busy night. Not so busy for a cop to take a break in a carryout restaurant right after we approached him about the incident, and of my 4 calls to 911 in the 2 hour wait. Eventually an officer came and did his job. I will be following up with an email to the Chief of Police regarding the response time Saturday night as no one after a car accident should have to wait 2 hours for an emergency response.

Nonetheless, I am grateful that I all is well and that the police will find the person who caused the accident.

Live everyday like it's your last. Time flies fast so never waste a minute. Live, Love, and Laugh as much as you can.