Friday, November 18, 2011

Workin' On My Fitness (Fall/Winter)

This time of year is the hardest to focus on maintaining a healthy diet or working out with the holidays just around the corner. However it is possible to enjoy your holiday meals and keep a fit body during the cold months. First as it relate to meals, eat in portions. Eating one or two meals a day actually does not help you lose weight. The body goes into self preservation mode when you starve it, so 4 or 5 smaller portions throughout the day works best. The day after Thanksgiving...and Christmas, expect the gym to be packed. Most people feel guilty after consuming so much food so if you are in that number be prepared for the crowds. I recommended working out the day before each holiday. Also this time of year is important to space out your workout routines. Cardio one day and hitting the weights another is never a bad idea. If your gym has a sauna, use it! Since most people don't sweat as much in the winter the sauna provides a nice alternative. Saunas are used to get that extra water weight off o you. They are also good for the skin and for many helps with asthma. Back to the dinner table, avoid 3 or 4 helpings of anything. Americans tend to put on a pound per holiday season which adds up over time if there is no routine physical exercise. Don't let the cold weather stop you!

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Will said...

I find it hard to get to the gym during winter months. I push myself but I still don't get there like it ought to, or want to. I have some things at home, like resistance bands, dumbells, stability ball, medicine ball, Perfect Pushups, and I make use of the exercise channel that's available via my on-demand, cable. You're right, that it doesn't take much to stay on track during holidays/winter. Even when I don't get to the gym, my workouts do not stop completely.