Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liars, Lovers and Friends (ATLANTA Pride)

The title sums up my recent trip to Atlanta for pride this year. I had the pleasure to ride down with 5 other people from DC on a Thursday night, arriving in ATL that Friday morning. I am pretty sure this was the first time I did not have to do any driving on a road trip. So I stayed with my bro and spent the majority of the time with him TIPPING around Atlanta over pride weekend. However, on the last night in Atlanta, My bro had a small get together where he cooked and I mixed drinks. We ended up playing a game called Quelf (WHAT a game when drunk) and had a good time. At some point people leave and I doze off, which is where things get interesting. During my sleep, I learned that my bro was bamboozled by one of my friends who came down from DC. He felt played, so he took my bro's cellphone, walked out and allegedly threw it in the trash near the Marta station. When they woke me, I was livid. I remember shaking and just being outright furious. I called my other bro in NYC and a good friend who was in Atlanta, but I was too incoherent to speak. I went searching for the phone, but had no luck. Skip ahead to our time of departure we do a bag search, after being told no, "is this an airport" we only find the charger for the phone. Skip ahead later that week and the phone miraculously turns up in Stone Mountain, GA which is where the accused went that night. He promises to have it mailed to my bro and pay his deductible. Today, over two weeks after the initial incident, no phone, no money...

To this extent, this friend is running for political office and I cannot support a person or campaign that has lied and hurt someone that I care for. I would rather not mention names, but you know who you are. As I stated in a text to you, it was embarrasing to me and foolish for you to act that way. I accepted your apology but this will not be resolved in my mind until the phone turns up or hid deductible is given to him. You can paypal it to me, keithjonesjr@gmail.com if you don't want to hand cash out.