Monday, April 11, 2011

Washington, D.C. Taxation Without Representation

Folks I know you have been following the budget news lately. Congress and the President struck a deal in the 11th hour to put in a continuing resolution (CR) until Thursday where a final vote on the budget bill will commence. However, in that trade deal, the District of Columbia was screwed over, again. The riders or things attached to a bill that has nothing to do with bill, all were targeted by republicans at DC.

 Planned Parenthood has been proposed to be cut. That program, as many don't know, is more than just abortion for low income women. The program provides education, condoms, and other important programs for low income residents.
The DC voucher program has been proposed to be restarted (republicans threw it on DC during the Bush administration) President Obama put a stop to it but Speaker Boehner has heavily pushed for this program. It is also a rider that has been attached to a budget bill.

 It is ludicrous that Congress can impose or take away anything from DC, 600,000 residents, while we have absolutely no say or vote. The District of Columbia is treated like a colony, full of taxed slaves. DC residents have and are serving in wars, pay STATE and FEDERAL taxes, yet have no vote in he big white dome building we call the capitol. Even worse, president Obama has not kept his word in defending DC and promoting statehood when he was candidate and senator.

DC is the ONLY city in the WORLD where the capital city residents have no say or vote in its national legislature. DC residents have been disenfranchised for too long. Residents and fellow citizens alike, it is time to make a stand and let congress know that the disregard of over 600,000 Americans is un-American. I implore you to call your Congressperson Senator and The White House and say you want DC to have a vote in Congress, or you support DC statehood.

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