Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Update

Hola! I hope everyone reading is well. It is time for an update! I am still working for the "wonderful" DC govt. Aside from the drama going on in the government, I am proud to say my coworker and I are single handedly building up our little agency known as Clean City, under the Exec Off of the Mayor.

Personal life just consists of work, gym, work gym...with some weekends being full of partying and traveling. No dating potenials or relationships to speak of on any level. I think some of that can be attributed to the lack of quality or the 'snooty' types DC has to offer. Anyway I am happy and contempt with myself and my small circle of friends.

I am trying to work out my next travels, to Vegas/Miami this year. Looking forward to both. Miami was a big SPLASH last year, and this will be my first time in the dessert, or anywhere near the west coast for that matter.

I am looking for a big change this year.  I am not the one to maintain a day to day routine but for so long. Will I be moving this year? Possible. NYC has been on my radar. I always have a good time and feel at home in NYC. I regret everytime I leave. Atlanta is an afterthought, but still on the scene.

If you read this blog and just been wondering where I have been, follow me on Twitter, @KeithJoensJr. I tweet everyday about almost everything, lol.

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Pharaoh said...

If you going to try to get to vegas you might as well come the rest of the way to LA!