Thursday, December 15, 2011

To Date: Younger or Older

My best friend and I usually have this discussion every other time we talk. He likes older men, I like them around my age. By older, he likes them in their 40's and I like them in the late 20's. Of course, there are obvious benefits and disadvantages from dating younger or older. Lets break it down. The way I see it and from what he has experienced:

Older Guys: Are more stable, and typically self-assured....
Younger Guys: Are trying to stabilize themselves, ability to grow together....

On the other hand...
Older Guys: Are not as outgoing, i.e. Club or Bar (been there done that), Are more set in their ways...
Younger Guys: Can be immature, outgoing yet sometimes too much...

I think the biggest issue and difference between my best friend is I is my father just turned 50 and his parents are roughly 20 years senior my parents. So I see dating anyone in their 40's like it's dating someone my parent's age. It just feels weird. I recently dabled in the 30 year old range and that seemed cool. I also put a age limit of no one under 25. Age can be tricky, because age does not mean maturity. What do you all think? Have you or are you dating someone younger or older than you?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Workin' On My Fitness (Fall/Winter)

This time of year is the hardest to focus on maintaining a healthy diet or working out with the holidays just around the corner. However it is possible to enjoy your holiday meals and keep a fit body during the cold months. First as it relate to meals, eat in portions. Eating one or two meals a day actually does not help you lose weight. The body goes into self preservation mode when you starve it, so 4 or 5 smaller portions throughout the day works best. The day after Thanksgiving...and Christmas, expect the gym to be packed. Most people feel guilty after consuming so much food so if you are in that number be prepared for the crowds. I recommended working out the day before each holiday. Also this time of year is important to space out your workout routines. Cardio one day and hitting the weights another is never a bad idea. If your gym has a sauna, use it! Since most people don't sweat as much in the winter the sauna provides a nice alternative. Saunas are used to get that extra water weight off o you. They are also good for the skin and for many helps with asthma. Back to the dinner table, avoid 3 or 4 helpings of anything. Americans tend to put on a pound per holiday season which adds up over time if there is no routine physical exercise. Don't let the cold weather stop you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walmart is a' coming to the District

It is officially being announced today that Walmart is coming to the District of Columbia. Walmart has been in talks with the city for a while now in bringing its stores to the city. Today we learned DC will get 6 stores. A bit of overkill to me personally speaking. I was happy with 3, each being spread out across the city.

Even with 6 Walmarts in DC, I have found from living in the south the best, well-stocked Walmarts are always in the burbs. I wonder will quality matter though, with 6 Walmarts existing in "one city". Moreover, how will this affect traffic? DC, just released today, is in a region with horrible traffic delays. Will Walmart add to that problem? Well we will not know the answer to these questions until all the stores actually open, in a couple years I would imagine as some sites need serious redevelopment (Skyland). Speaking of Skyland, the final push for a Walmart East of the Anacostia River was brought to new light today. The Skyland shopping center has been fighting the city government for years over an imminent domain battle, with Skyland arguing historic preservation. But let's be real the stores in the area are way over priced (Discount Mart) and serve little use to the public other than a liquor store on the far end and a auto repair store attached to a Department of Employment Office. The other question, with a more obvious answer, is will Walmart drive small businesses out of the city? As we have seen in many areas around the country, "mom and pop" stores stand no chance to the mighty corporation. In addition, will Walmart pay decent wages to DC RESIDENTS? It is nice to have a job but can you afford to live in DC on a Walmart salary? I hope that Walmart will bring much needed economic development while investing in the communities it is about to enter.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Relations of a Relationship

It seems like I get this question at least once a day. Why aren't you in a relationship or why are you single...still?" Then with the added you're attractive, and have a nice body and funny and blah blah blah. Thank you, but right now I do not seek a relationship.  

Let me give you a back story. I have had five serious relationships and each one taught me something. I am grateful that I still communicate with each of them so there were never any hard feelings in the break ups. We broke up over what I see now as silly stuff... minus the one that cheated. One passed in car accident last year and we hadn't spoken in about a year or so. Therefore I have made it mandatory to keep up with the people who in many ways are apart of me as I am of them. As you can see, I take the matter seriously and never with a light heart or mind. Sure guys hit on me and I have even had one tried to get serious after the first date. Really? Nothing is more unattractive than someone who comes off as "thirsty." We can agree for arguments sake that I may be a good catch but don't you think I seek the same? My last dating experience taught me that nothing should be rushed. I Love him to death but I was simply not ready to settle down. Is that a crime? In the gay world that's pretty much like saying I want to continue to be a whore. But how about I want to continue to develop my myself internally. Everyone meets at different levels. If is it meant to be I don't believe it has to be forces or rushed, it naturally happens. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liars, Lovers and Friends (ATLANTA Pride)

The title sums up my recent trip to Atlanta for pride this year. I had the pleasure to ride down with 5 other people from DC on a Thursday night, arriving in ATL that Friday morning. I am pretty sure this was the first time I did not have to do any driving on a road trip. So I stayed with my bro and spent the majority of the time with him TIPPING around Atlanta over pride weekend. However, on the last night in Atlanta, My bro had a small get together where he cooked and I mixed drinks. We ended up playing a game called Quelf (WHAT a game when drunk) and had a good time. At some point people leave and I doze off, which is where things get interesting. During my sleep, I learned that my bro was bamboozled by one of my friends who came down from DC. He felt played, so he took my bro's cellphone, walked out and allegedly threw it in the trash near the Marta station. When they woke me, I was livid. I remember shaking and just being outright furious. I called my other bro in NYC and a good friend who was in Atlanta, but I was too incoherent to speak. I went searching for the phone, but had no luck. Skip ahead to our time of departure we do a bag search, after being told no, "is this an airport" we only find the charger for the phone. Skip ahead later that week and the phone miraculously turns up in Stone Mountain, GA which is where the accused went that night. He promises to have it mailed to my bro and pay his deductible. Today, over two weeks after the initial incident, no phone, no money...

To this extent, this friend is running for political office and I cannot support a person or campaign that has lied and hurt someone that I care for. I would rather not mention names, but you know who you are. As I stated in a text to you, it was embarrasing to me and foolish for you to act that way. I accepted your apology but this will not be resolved in my mind until the phone turns up or hid deductible is given to him. You can paypal it to me, if you don't want to hand cash out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Survived the East Coast Earthquake

I was just walking in the office on the 3rd floor of the John A. Wilson building with lunch in hand around 1:55 pm, when the building had a slight rattle. Someone asked, "what was that?" As the shaking got more intense we took cover then proceeded to emergency evacuate the building. With only my cell and my frozen yogurt in hand, we left the building. By the time we got outside, the streets were flooded with tourists and federal/dc employees crossing the street onto Freedom Plaza. Everyone was taking to their cell phones to call loved ones or to find out what was happening. Fortunately I was able to tweet and read that an earthquake had struck in Virginia and the shock waves were felt as far as NYC. I honestly thought it was a bomb, as working only two blocks from the White House, you have to expect the worst. Fortunately no one was seriously injured and we are awaiting further reports on structures and bridges in the region. There was a report that there is cracks in the floor of the John Wilson building, which may have yours truly working from home. Since Metro was running with extreme delays as the feds had an early release. I walked 5 miles home. Yes, the modern day Fredrick Douglass (look up that history) All is Ireme.


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Joys of Life

Good day people. If you are reading this I hope you are well. So this summer has certainly been EPIC to say the very least. Summer will be going out with a bang in Atlanta for me for pride, followed by the Morehouse vs. Howard classic game in DC at RFK stadium.

Before that though, I have been in between NYC, Philly and DC all Summer attending pride events, Fire Island Black Out (Which deserves a blog of its own)  and many other events.  However this past Saturday night a car accident proved to me that in a flash, life can be gone.

 I always go by the mottos, "I'll sleep when I die" and, "do it big if you can while you can." Without question had the good Lord had other plans for me I could say I have no regrets. Fortunately my passenger and I came out unscaved in what could have easily been a bad accident. Around 2:55 AM Sunday night at the intersections of Florida and Georgia avenues NW a white vehicle made an illegal left turn from the middle lane around a tractor trailer and slammed right into me. I never saw the car coming but my friend did. The other driver proceeded to drive off. I never got a glance of anything other than seeing a white car and 3 black male passengers. I'm pretty sure I went into a state of shock as I don't recall much about the damage of their car. According to my friend their car was smoking and the hood had popped up. It took the police TWO hours to respond as from what I could hear and see they had an extremely busy night. Not so busy for a cop to take a break in a carryout restaurant right after we approached him about the incident, and of my 4 calls to 911 in the 2 hour wait. Eventually an officer came and did his job. I will be following up with an email to the Chief of Police regarding the response time Saturday night as no one after a car accident should have to wait 2 hours for an emergency response.

Nonetheless, I am grateful that I all is well and that the police will find the person who caused the accident.

Live everyday like it's your last. Time flies fast so never waste a minute. Live, Love, and Laugh as much as you can.


Monday, June 13, 2011

MIAMI and Capital Pride (DC)

Well Miami Sizzle 2011 is in the history books and DC Capital Pride.

Sizzle was Memorial Day weekend and my 2nd year in attendance was just fun. To summarize it, drink party..maybe sleep, eat drinking and more partying lol. My phone was destroyed by the ocean (long story) lol but I was still able to see a few friends over that weekend.

DC Capital Pride was just this past weekend and was live! Great to see Jennifer Holiday perform and to see many friends throughout the weekend at the parade and festival.

Next pride...NYC...ATL?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well folks, It is almost that time of year when most black gay men converge on Miami, Florida for Sizzle. This marks the 10th year ( Sizzle X) has been hosted in Miami. Look for gays on top of gays ( no pun intended) on top of gays all weekend. I attended Sizzle for the first time last year and had a crazy amount of fun. Sizzle takes a lot out of you though, as it is a weekend full of partying, drinking, more partying and more drinking. You will need a week to recover lol. If you're heading down this year I'll see you there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DC VOTE RALLY: Mayor Gray Arrested w/ Members of DC Council

I AM A PROUD WASHINGTONIAN as I write this blog entry. Yesterday at a DC Vote rally on Capitol Hill in front of Senate office buildings, Mayor Gray, DC Council chairman Kwame Brown, Councilmembers, Bowser, Alexander, Michael Brown, Tommy Wells, and Sekou Biddle along with 34 other people were arrested by capitol police for civil disobedience. This all spurred from the last minute deal passed between Congress and the White House on an agreement that would end funding for Planned Parenthood and push back on DC the school voucher program, which is currently set to be phased out. The entire issue however just shows that DC needs representation in the congress and budget autonomy. I applaud the mayor and councilmembers that stood up for 600,000 residents that live in DC.

It is a step towards a chain reaction of protests I hope. I encourage all civic minded people whether you live in DC or not to call your Senator and Congressperson and tell them give DC a vote. I also encourage as the mayor has local groups in DC to pick up on the issue and the energy. A movement has begun. It must be noted that former DC mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly led a similar protest in 1994 and was arrested. However we have a chance once again to make an impact and end this Un-American blot on our country by denying Americans a simple right to have representation.

I also must note I was saddened to see the lack of African American faces at the protest yesterday, especially young people (under 30). I hope that many young people saw the actions yesterday as a sign that there is a problem, and you can be a part of the solution.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Washington, D.C. Taxation Without Representation

Folks I know you have been following the budget news lately. Congress and the President struck a deal in the 11th hour to put in a continuing resolution (CR) until Thursday where a final vote on the budget bill will commence. However, in that trade deal, the District of Columbia was screwed over, again. The riders or things attached to a bill that has nothing to do with bill, all were targeted by republicans at DC.

 Planned Parenthood has been proposed to be cut. That program, as many don't know, is more than just abortion for low income women. The program provides education, condoms, and other important programs for low income residents.
The DC voucher program has been proposed to be restarted (republicans threw it on DC during the Bush administration) President Obama put a stop to it but Speaker Boehner has heavily pushed for this program. It is also a rider that has been attached to a budget bill.

 It is ludicrous that Congress can impose or take away anything from DC, 600,000 residents, while we have absolutely no say or vote. The District of Columbia is treated like a colony, full of taxed slaves. DC residents have and are serving in wars, pay STATE and FEDERAL taxes, yet have no vote in he big white dome building we call the capitol. Even worse, president Obama has not kept his word in defending DC and promoting statehood when he was candidate and senator.

DC is the ONLY city in the WORLD where the capital city residents have no say or vote in its national legislature. DC residents have been disenfranchised for too long. Residents and fellow citizens alike, it is time to make a stand and let congress know that the disregard of over 600,000 Americans is un-American. I implore you to call your Congressperson Senator and The White House and say you want DC to have a vote in Congress, or you support DC statehood.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obesity: My Experience and Thoughts

This blog is a little more personal. In recent weeks I have been accused of being "obsessed with fat people" "mean to big people" among other things. Let me be clear. I have nothing against a human being that happens to be big. Many big people are healthy and live productive lives. My issue is with obesity and for lack of a better word "sloppy fat people."

Why am I engaging in this blog? As many of my readers know, I was always big as a kid...well chubby. I went to college and lost the "freshman 15" Only to put it back on. In March of last year I decided I was going to lose it and keep it off. Its April and I have been pretty successful in doing so. Therefore to help others, I created a few blog entries on here as tips to readers. I was more so inspired by the direct messages and private Facebook messages I received with all kind of diet and fitness questions.

The United States is the fattest nation in the world. An estimated 300,000 people die each year from obesity related issues. In low income communities its a never ending battle with carry outs, fast food and bodegas ( corner stores) on every block. Obesity is an epidemic that I am in the fight against. I applaud DC councilmember Mary Cheh who proposed the "Healthy Foods Act" last year that brings healthy food choices to DC Public Schools.

Obese people have it bad though. Obesity now requires fatter crash test dummies, limits to the number of obese people who can ride a bus in New York and having to pay for two seats to ride a plane. No one WANTS to be obese. Understandably losing weight is hard and requires a LIFESTYLE change. It requires dedication, patience, and a little inspiration.

Ward 8 Unemployment/ Marion Barry

Hello world!

It is I again with another entry. I have a lot to blog about so I will be doing separate entries. This first blog concerns the unemployment rate in ward 8 in Washington, D.C. I did a blog on this exact issue last year. It's sad to see little to no progress on putting ward 8 to work. As stated in the Biz Journal today ward 8 has the nation's highest unemployment rate of any US metropolitan area. A lot of this is attributed to the fact that most new jobs in DC require higher education. The other issue is ward 8 has a slew of people who are fresh from incarceration, which hurts the chances of employment.

Ward 8 according to the latest census numbers has 70,000 residents. They are represented in the city legislature by the "mayor for life" Marion Barry. Barry is historically known for speaking out for the underserved in the city. However as a resident, I feel like not much has been done in the last two years to benefit the residents. Barry has a legacy in the city from serving two terms as mayor to being the first to propose many programs over his 30 years in DC Government. Why hasn't Barry been effective in lowering the unemployment issue in the ward? Clearly there are feasible, cost friendly, effective ways of tackling this issue. As we know, unemployment creates crime, which creates a host of issues that could affect a quickly gentrifying place. When we see Barry in the news, it is always about him not paying taxes, stalking some woman, not paying car tickets, talking on his cell phone during public hearings, driving with no registration, or having his car booted. He is a PUBLIC SERVANT  and we need to hold our elected officials accountable. NO ONE is above the law. Who and why does he keep getting elected? Barry has a following of seniors in ward 8 who remember the "glory days" of Marion Barry. Clearly and unfortunately those days are lover.

There is a small growing movement of young people in the ward who want change. Many of us are tired of the embarrassment that we have representing us in the city council. When we start to making changes from the top down, then we can work on fixing the unemployment rate in ward 8.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Workin' On My Fitness: Issue 2 Gluteus Maximus

This issue comes off a question I get a lot and it concerns the gluteus maximus. For those people trying to lose weight, but don't want to lose their rear end, don't worry! Cardio is NOT the devil, as long as you don't over do it. In addition, squats and lunges amongst other lower body workouts are fine, but I reccommend interval and set training. You want to feel a burn in those thighs and buns! As far as dietary concerns go, healthy carbs like rice and wheat bread will keep you in check.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Update

Hola! I hope everyone reading is well. It is time for an update! I am still working for the "wonderful" DC govt. Aside from the drama going on in the government, I am proud to say my coworker and I are single handedly building up our little agency known as Clean City, under the Exec Off of the Mayor.

Personal life just consists of work, gym, work gym...with some weekends being full of partying and traveling. No dating potenials or relationships to speak of on any level. I think some of that can be attributed to the lack of quality or the 'snooty' types DC has to offer. Anyway I am happy and contempt with myself and my small circle of friends.

I am trying to work out my next travels, to Vegas/Miami this year. Looking forward to both. Miami was a big SPLASH last year, and this will be my first time in the dessert, or anywhere near the west coast for that matter.

I am looking for a big change this year.  I am not the one to maintain a day to day routine but for so long. Will I be moving this year? Possible. NYC has been on my radar. I always have a good time and feel at home in NYC. I regret everytime I leave. Atlanta is an afterthought, but still on the scene.

If you read this blog and just been wondering where I have been, follow me on Twitter, @KeithJoensJr. I tweet everyday about almost everything, lol.