Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Workin' On My Fitness: Issue 1

With my fitness success this past year, I want to start a blog on this topic. I want to first thank those who inspired me to stay on the course, my best friend Jon, Mike, and all those who ever called me big or fat, lol. I am fortunate that I can turn negativity into fuel for my fire. However that's a blog for another time.

So to first you need to pre-plan. Are you looking into joining a gym, or just sticking with a workout plan at home? Depending on your time, and finances, I personally recommend joining a gym, as you are offered many benefits and incentives to join. If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, I recommend the Washington Sports Club, which has a network (if you elect to pay additional for it) where you can use the gyms in Philly, NYC, and Boston. The same is offered to the other cities I mentioned. However if you are on a budget, I recommend Planet Fitness, which has locations all over the country. The membership is $10 a month. Once you decide your mode of fitness, next you need to look at your individual goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Tone up? Gain weight? Etc? I will write individual blogs in the future on each goal, but today I will keep it general.

Losing weight requires time, self control, and patience. It will require you to start out slow if you are new to the gym, with a simple half a mile to a mile for cardio per workout session. I would also advise you get a medical physical, just to be on the safe side. The equation for losing weight is simply calories in - calories burned off. The body naturally burns off calories by simply living. Every smile, digestion, driving, etc burns calories. Depending on your age and weight, your body burns up to 2,500 calories a day. There are conversion charts online that you can use to calculate your calories burned off. 1 lbs = 3,500 calories. If you are trying to lose weight you want to take in well below that number. That will require that you count your calories as you consume food and drinks.

Back to the workout plan, I would also advise light weight lifting to begin with. If you are completely new to lifting any kind of weight I would suggest asking a trainer or even signing up for many of the classes gyms offer for free. Some gyms also offer a free workout session with a personal trainer.

Once you get into a groove, begin to challenge yourself to do more, go farther, but listen to your body.

For those that are trying to lose weight, its the opposite equation. You want to consume as many HEALTHY calories as possible. Eating junk food does nothing but make you fat. You want to put on healthy pounds by eating healthy carbs and in portions. When it comes to fitness, your challenge is not cardio, although I recommend you still get a little in, your challenge is actually lifting some weights. Not heavy, unless you want to be a bulky bodybuilder, but simple weights that are just enough to give you a sweat.

For those that are toning, your challenge is similar to those wanting to lose weight, but you need to do more reps with light weights to tone that muscle.

Personally for me, I started my major transition in March where I weighed 185lbs. My high was prob 195lbs. I just weigh myself today and I am at 155lbs! A 30lb weight loss takes time, and some serious dedication. There will be slip ups, and with the holidays around it may not be easy to just hop into a groove. Even with dieting, the process has to be gradual.

Well that's it for now, future blogs will go into greater detail regarding dieting, types of workouts, and other topics. Have a question? Just leave it in the comment box and we'll continue the discussion there where everyone can see it.



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