Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 in Review

Wassup folks! Well I haven't blogged much this year but at the interest of a reader I decided to update. All is well first off, and im looking forward to a new year. In my private life, I have been focusing on work and expanding myself mentally and physically. In the last year I have worked off 30 pounds and toned up a little. This has also been the year of self reflection and perfection. I do believe I am wiser and better off than I was around this time last year.

This year has seen me through just ONE relationship that ended abruptly towards the end of the Summer. At this point in my life, I am over my "hook ups" and more inclined to find like minded guys with goals and simply able to offer something other than sex or good looks to the relationship. Being in DC has not made this easy, as I have not been too keen on dating guys from this area. It seems I get better play in the south, lol.

DC starts off 2011 with a new mayor, and the federal govt turns red, as republicans take control of the US House. Sad year for the democrats. I hope in 2011 the president can focus on bigger and more important tasks like jobs and not healthcare. In this year, I have taken on a more conservative tone myself. We need more fiscal responsibility and we need to better outline of what needs to be done in this country.

As far as DC goes, I hope the new mayor will lead this city on the right direction, and I mean that on many levels. Fiscally the city is facing a $188 million deficit, with expected shortfalls of nearlt $500 for fiscal year 2012. In simple language, the city is BROKE. Therefore, that means we will see some city services cut, possible tax increases and dare I say it FURLOUGHS. The city is also split racially and my socioeconomic status. Vince Gray will have his hands full to say the least.

I'll be spending New Years with good friends in the big apple again. Last year was a blast and I'm sure this year will go out with a bang as well.

Oh yea, bought a new truck a few months ago. My Hyundai Tucson is a beauty. I am still planning that road trip to somewhere next year. Speaking of road trips, I'll be in Atlanta in April and May for Wrestlemania and a graduation respectively. I also plan on visiting the WEST COAST in 2011. More details to come later.

This year has taught me that depsite it all, God has it under control. With so much going on in the world, there is comfort in knowing that there is a peace that passes all understanding that can be obtained.

This year has also seen the lost of a few good souls. People I have considered friends. I think in 2010 I attended more funerals that any year in my life. The one that hit me the most was a young black male, I think a little younger than me, laying in that coffin. That site really hit me hard. It was a sad image, because the male was a victim of youth violence. I hope in 2011 we can continue to teach that taking lives is not the way to solve problems, it only creates bigger problems.

I may do a video blog before the end of the year so look out for that. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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