Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dedication of Life: Jameel Smith

Fellow blogger's and readers alike, It is with a heavy heart I write this blog, dedicated to a young promising life gone too early. Jameel Smith originally from Huntsville, Alabama and a member of the Morehouse Class of 2008, committed suicide the other night. I cannot verify any more information until I get it but this is surely a tragedy and loss to us all.

I remember meeting Jameel our freshman year at Morehouse as he was elected freshmen class President. Arguably a manageable leader, its no surprise his jovial, exciting demeanor and personality won the votes and eventually hearts of many.
I worked with him in many capacities as I served as a student Senator. Jameel could also be found at the Absalom Jones Student Center and Chapel with friends studying or just hanging out. I recall one time we all were hanging out in Graves Hall in a fellow classmates room late into the night talking, playing music, and just having a great time. Times like that should be truly treasured because you never know when or if you will see someone again.

From reading Jameels Facebook page, it is evident he touched many lives. Let us pray for his friends, the Morehouse family and his family.



Corey Keith said...

Dude, Jameel was a friend of mine. He helped me with parties and we hung on occasion. I am shocked. Please email me at with a number if possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I learned just today of what happened. Jameel too was a son of the Chapel.

Kendal said...

I went to high school with him for a short time we even took driver's ed together. He always made me smile and laugh and I'm really going to miss him...I'm really saddened by what happened...I still can't believe it.