Thursday, May 6, 2010

ATLANTA or MIAMI? Memorial Day Weekend

Wassup folks! Its almost that time of year. Pride. my dilemma, ATL, or MIA?

Atlanta is clearly a choice because whatever is happening anywhere else Atlanta normally draws the "overflow" crowd. It would save me money and I can see some old friends plus still have a great time.

clearly is the spot to be Memorial Day weekend. Issues. Travel: airfare is cheap, but then hotel accommodations. I dont want to go down there and have nowhere to stay. I know a few people going but you know how shady gay people can be.

Another option is to drive to Miami from Atlanta.


Corey Keith said...

Atlanta is always late as hell during Memorial Day weekend. Miami all the way!

JB said...

Go to Miami and drive there. Theres nothin like road trips and that will save you a lil money. As far as hotels go, what can you afford??

I know for a fact that anything NICE and affordable will be outside the Miami Beach area. Try staying at the hotels near the Miami airport.

ugh...I so wish I could go with you there.. lol