Friday, February 20, 2009

My Response to New York Post Cartoon

For the last few days everyone that I know have been asking me my opinion on the controversial political cartoon from the New York Post. At first I didn't make a big deal out of it, as people write their own editorial opinions everyday in the newspapers. However when I finally gave it a good look I thought that it was gory, despicable, lacks taste and substance, and racist. Other than the nasty picture of the chimp being shot with the bullet holes and the blood the caption above says it all "They will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill." We all know president Obama has been the main supporter of the bill that just passed Congress. It was a direct attack of the president of the United States. This borderlines freedom of speech and a treat to the president. Im not even going to compare the racial implications between the chimp and President Obama.
I did some research on the creator of this mess and found that he is known for his controversial cartoons against gay people, women, you name it.
News Corp, the NY Post or someone needs to do some serious damage control.

George Mason Univ has Homecoming Drag Queen

So I was amazed as I saw on the news that George Mason University selected a drag queen as their Homecoming Queen. It is an amazing thing for a school to do and achieve some would say. I wonder how many schools will follow suit after this one.
The somewhat amazing thing is this happened in Virginia, a historically conservative state, is becoming more liberal by the hour.
I congratulate him for his bravery and his feerless/fierceness!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Response to Anti -Gay Article in Morehouse Maroon Tiger

A Morehouse College student newspaper column titled “Is Gay the Way?” has caused a stir in Atlanta as well as the national blogosphere, with many gay and transgender activists accusing the writer of being homophobic. The opinion article, published Feb. 16 in The Maroon Tiger, questioned masculine norms at the all-male historically black college.

Gerren Gaynor, who wrote the column and serves as the paper’s associate opinions editor, told Southern Voice he believes his message has been misunderstood.

“In no way was my article an anti-gay piece,” said Gaynor, a sophomore English major.

“This article was exclusive about the way in which it affects the campus of Morehouse College and no other institution, not even the United States government … While I do agree that I went about my topic the wrong way — and please be advised that this was an article done over night for a weekly college publication — it is completely wrong to disregard the feelings of other students on campus, gay and straight, because every homosexual is not comfortable with seeing a man with feminine qualities,” he said. “Nowhere in my article do I attack gays. The article is strictly a critique on gender norms.”

In his column, Gaynor states, “It’s not so much that ‘straight’ men of Morehouse are uncomfortable with the gay lifestyle, but more so because that the lifestyle is constantly and robustly thrown in their faces. Does being a gay man include adopting the traits of a woman? Because if that’s the case, there’s a more fitting school, and it’s not an all-male institution.

“Over the years, despite social divergence on campus, the Morehouse community has done its share to both accept and adjust to the growing homosexual population. But don’t you think this has gone too far? A boy with a pocket book is far,” Gaynor wrote. “I’m all for being who you are. If you like women, go on and date women. If you like men, be my guest and date men. But if you are born a man, you should be just that — a man. If I have to look twice to tell if I’m looking at a man or woman on an all male campus, then something is tragically wrong …

“I’m not saying that having gay students at this institution damages the image of Morehouse, but as the only all male African American liberal arts college in America, we have a certain image to uphold and a man with hair weave just isn’t it.”


As a product of Morehouse I am ashamed that this article appeared in a notable paper like the Maroon Tiger. I was someone that worked with Safe Space, Morehouse GB group that attempted to try to defeat these stereotypes. The writer needs to understand that he is living in a microcosm of a world. There are effeminate men in the world and if they choose to go to Morehouse or any other male institution then its their right. While I respect the authors opinion, I believe that he needs to listen and learn before he writes anything else with the word "Gay" in it. This type of writing draws division and promotes stereotypes. Morehouse with its rich legacy must overcome the battle of homosexuality by first acknowledging that homosexuals in every capacity attend Morehouse and that Morehouse must move past an idle stance on this topic by educating the student body and holding serious conversations to break these stereotypes that many have.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day/ Check out my newly designed blog page

Wassup all, I hope that your Valentines Day went well. I spent mine doing some things for me and family. This commercialized holiday shouldn't be the only day you tell your loved ones that you love them. It should happen 365 a year.

I don't really have much to say on Valentines day, and from reading other blogs it seems a lot of people are turned off by the day. Highly understandable, especially if you are single. I took this day to treat myself. I am my best commodity lol.

I also decided to launch this newly designed page which I will be tweaking for the next few days. Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Real Talk: HIV AIDS EPIDEMIC IN DC and Black Males

So I woke up this morning to some startling news on the TV. One out of every twenty adults in Washington, DC is believed to be HIV-positive. All I could think was WTF. DC is a city with almost 600,000 residents so were talking almost half the city's population has HIV, roughly the same proportion of people as in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. In that number blacks make up the bulk of the reported cases.
According to federal health officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2006, more new HIV infections occurred among young black men who have sex with men than in any other segment of the U.S. population. That same year, black women acquired new HIV infections at 15 times the rate of white women.
The CDC conducted further investigation after the state Health Department reported a 20 percent increase in HIV-positive black men from 2004-05 to 2006-07. Among black men ages 17-25, the increase was 45 percent.

I am battling two issues. The AIDS problem in DC and the AIDS problem among black males. What are we doing? We are killing ourselves. First to address the DC AIDS problem. This is again another issue the DC Council should be tackling as opposed to fining someone for not cleaning the snow off their cars. Thank God for the private organizations like the Whitman Walker Clinic and local charities, churches and celebs that raise money for awareness of this issue.

Black males, we are the most infected with HIV in the country. It seems like we are killing ourselves off. We don't need the KKK anymore. If its not guns or violence its AIDS. Black males we need to wake up and see that we are dying off, soon to be an endangered species. The sad part is we are taking the females with us. We need to be upfront and honest with ourselves. If you are having relations without a condom, male or female then you need to get tested and pray you get a second chance to do it right. This can all be avoided by making the right decisions. However as a black male I can say that this is an innate problem. We need to think of ourselves as leaders and rulers and not as thugs or queers just trying to get by. Times are hard this is true and its 3x as hard for the black male however it takes a real person with the fortitude and will to survive the challenges and come out strong. Its time we pull our pants up, and start respecting ourselves and our people.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More DC Talk: Snow Police

So the wonderful city that I reside in is now trying to make it a law that you must completely clean off your car before driving after a snow storm or face a stern warning. The original idea was to fine the law breaker $50 if caught driving with a car covered with snow. However that thankfully was knocked down.

I think this council has LOST it. DC is the first jurisdiction in the nation to impose this type of law. I wish the council would battle more troubling issues like hmm maybe more jobs for DC residents, school reform or maybe explain the 4 homicides in ward 8 during the inauguration. Seems like all the police were downtown and none patrolling the communities that needed them most. DC has been the laughing stock of the nation for too long. Its time we put someone in these offices (DC) that really want to make changes not just aggravate the people.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DC Council Considers ban on Blunts? WTF

As if the DC Council, the District of Columbia's governing legislative branch, didn't have anything else better to do they are considering a ban on blunts in order to prevent people from stuffing them for marijuana. The proposed ban is focused on teens that partake in this 'puff puff' transfer. Does the council really think this is going to curb teens from smoking? Is not marijuana already illegal? I think that they need to focus on improving our schools other than trying to play parents.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exposed! 25 Random Things About Me

Happy Sunday people! I know not many gay people are into sports like I am but if you are watching the Superbowl today you should know that the Steelers are going to win. I am a Cowboys/Falcons fan..I know two teams but who cares..however im sticking to the east coast team.

I have several blogs sitting in drafts waiting to be posted that I haven't finished. So there is a lot more to come. I have to say I have been reading some good blogs lately. Oh yea My Urban Tales series will continue as well with the stunt queen story which I have been getting many emails about.

Every so often I like to just write directly to the readers as opposed to having a main topic of discussion. Mostly to answer questions publicly raised in the blog comments. Today however I am giving you all more. Facebook has started this 15-20-or 25 random things about you chain where you post a number of random things about you that most people don't know. I have contemplated doing this since I am a private person and like to keep my skeletons in the closet if you will but 2009 is a time for honesty and transparency so here it is! I know there will be questions which i'll address in a separate blog lol.

1. Im extremely stubborn
2. My favorite cereal is Apple Jacks
3. I can play a video game for 24 hours straight
4. I like to gamble.
5. I just learned how to play spades last year.
6. I've had 6 cars in 5 years. (No accidents)
7. I never got a speeding ticket.
8.I have driven from DC to Atlanta back and fourth 16 times.
9. I have a weakness for trimmed bushy eyebrows
10. I love old school music
11. I've been called a "homo thug"
12. I have very few close female friends
13. I ran my high school like the mafia
14. My first pet was a rabbit
15. I love to cook
16. I've done more than enough webcam "shows"
17. I want to name my son after me KDJ III
18. I have never gone to the hospital
19. I once kicked a boy through a wall taking Tae Kwon Do
20. I was once a borderline alcoholic
21. I've only smoked weed once and never got high
22. I like my men short
23. I've been told I look like Chris Tucker and Mario
24. I've never understood femme lesbians..umm get a man?
25. I have to visit the ghetto in any city I go to..the real city

26. I've thought about being a professional wrestling sports commentator
27. I once wanted to own my own funeral home (Recession proof)
28. I have met Michael Jordan, Usher, Jermaine Dupree, Tyler Perry, Paula Abdul, Chris Tucker, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Terrence Howard, Andre 3000, Valerie Simpson, of Ashford and Simpson and almost met Michael Jackson and LL Cool J
29. I know im bound for greatness, just don't see the whole path yet
30. I hate the fact people look at me differently if I dress urban as opposed to wearng a suit.
31. Im handy at fixing things
32. I once went clubbin 7 days straight (revival)