Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tell A Hookup Story #6

I know a lot of ya'll have been waiting for this story so let me get right into it. The stunt queen. Well as I said in the previous story we met one night off BGC and I went to the Hilton where he was staying. Nice hotel so I figured someone had some money. He seemed cool and quiet, kinda shy at first. I went up to the room and we had salutations. I sat down and he offered some drinks from the cooler I mixed a tonic and soda water. We chilled and talked until we fell asleep. He had two beds in the room and thats how we slept but by the morning only one bed was being used lol. The conversation the night before was what I call a get-to-know-you kinda convo. No sex was involved although we ended up in the same bed, just cuddling and more sleeping. We didn't get up till 11 am, but note we went to sleep probably around 5 am.

He then told me as we got dressed that he was a stunt queen. Since I am well versed in gay terminology I knew immediately what he meant. I said it was cool, but I was more curious with how the whole operation worked. I never got details, but listening in on a few convos with his "fam" gave me an idea. So as he checked out the hotel I met his gay family that was also in the scene. They seemed cool and we agreed to meet up later.

That would never happen as I came to learn a year later he was locked up for stolen checks found in his car during a stop for speeding in Alabama. We continued to talk for a while, even hooking u a few times and going to a bar or a club. As of this story though, we haven't talked in a while but I hope that he is trying to get his life together.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being Gay Is A Gift From God?

Wow so I had to spin this blog off the gayte-keepers blog "Ready to male part II." Being that I am an Episcopalian and have been since 2005 I was not surprised to see that it was an Episcopal priest that made that comment on Oprah. It really has me thinking now about the subject. When I came into acceptance of my lifestyle ironically enough it was the Episcopal church that helped me affirm it. I struggled in my early days of college even trying to "turn straight" at one point. I think a lot of us go through that phase. Nonetheless The late Rev. Gloria Bowden God rest her soul was one who helped me out. I started to read books on this and study the concept of homosexuality and the church. I can almost write a dissertation on the topic but in all I have come to not only come to terms but also think its not a sin. I know a lot of people may disagree with it but thats how I feel.
I've been to many churches that spew hate from the pulpit and I think is this what Jesus meant by love your brother? People historically have used the Bible for their own personal gain. It was used to justify slavery, the denial of womens rights among so many things. Why don't we for once use the good book for its true purpose. Not to degrade and put down people but to lift people up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You to my Friends!

Hello all, I am dedicating this blog to all my friends around this country. Through many of my ordeals I have realized that there is a select few that stick around.

My brothers Carl, Dutch, Mike, Michael Scott, Perez and Durian. You all have come into my life at different phases and you have been the most honest and open hearted people I have met. I could say so much like Carl's open heart, Mike's open and funny spirit, Mike Scotts genuine concern and shared vernacular (inside joke) or Dutch's authentic country accent lol. I truly care for you all.

My bestfriend Jonathan- although we haven't talked much lately we have shared a lot of very intimate moments together. You wear my clothes and I wear yours even the expensive stuff lol. I even forgot you had my Billionaire Boys Club shirt. And you didn't care I wore your ferragamos. I could never get that burberry scarf to go with my shirt though lol. You have been there for better or worse and we have taken many road trips and talked about just about literally everything. Not many people know me as well as you do and our now 6 year friendship is something I cherish.

Close friends Adam, JB, Corey, Zedrick- You all have been in my life for quite a well and a few of you all have seen a very different side of me. Adam always happy to lend a ear and concerned about my well-beingg, JB what can I say we share a storied past yet we remain good buddies. Corey you are my buddy for life and I know that you are going somewhere as the next Quincy Jones. Zedrick we have been friends for a looong time. Although we have never met we have kept in communication for all this time. Even when I met your ex during his trip to ATL for Morehouses homecoming all he could talk about was you. You are a very unique person and reliable in a time of need.

Extended friends Mendoza, Reece, Tray, Jason. Mendoza you're my adopted brother through Perez. We had some great times together and you have a genuine heart. Reece like Mendoza you have a great heart. You both were dating dudes that were older than you and I tried to be there to listen to your stories. I know you all will find what u want in life. Tray I could write a book on our friendship. From BFF to barely even speaking to kinda talking again. We have come a long way and I know I royally screwed up our friendship. I was young and dumb and put money over friendship. I am glad you found it in your heart to forgive me. I mean we really had some FUN times. Its so funny because you're a republican, im a democrat, you wanna pledge Q and I want to pledge A yet we got a long so well.
Jason as the oldest dude I ever dated I saw that you have a genuine heart and selfless ambition. Although we went through some rough times and I had to let it go I appreciate your maturity and your "fatherhood" ways.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Relationship No More

Hello all, I write this blog with an inept feeling. So as you may know my relationship has struggled over the last month. My now ex blames me for the majority if it. It was pretty much his way or the highway. He wanted so much damn attention that I could not give at this stage in my life. I have finally realized that I do not want a relationship until I have settled on some of my goals. I have come to see that being young and in a relationship is almost a joke unless you are both going in the same direction and apparently we were pulling different ways. Nonetheless I have no hard or ill feelings against him. He is still a good person and I hope he finds his true happiness. Its funny how we broke up, over yahoo messenger. No call (which he said he would do the previous night) just a mutual agreement to end it. I think one of the other problems most people have with relationships including us is how to make it last without becoming so stagnant and frankly boring. We had the greatest time together but away from each other it was hard. I felt like I was in a long distance relationship. We saw each other barely once a week because of his work schedule and the fact that he lived 30-45 minutes away. My car not being operational didn't help either. So all in all as much as I wish it could have gone on and the potential he showed because it's hard as hell to find a good dude, I didn't want to beat a dying horse.

Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK 2009: A Dream Deferred in the Inner City

Today as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday we must remember that although we will officially have a black president Tuesday at noon, Kings dream is not finished. We as a country and as a people have come so far in 45 years yet in many ways things remain the same. African-Americans make up roughly 14% of the population but make up over half of the prison population. Black males are missing from families and children are growing up without dads. Drugs, violence and poverty overwhelm the black inner cities which could be compared to some third world countries. The fight for democracy is not in Iraq or North Korea or Iran the fight is right here in our homeland where gun shots and death is a common tune on the local news. The dream deferred to inner city America where predominantly black Americans live. A dream that seems like only that, a dream.
In order to make this dream that Dr. King once had reality we must stop bigotry, arrogance and selfishness and return to our core values. One can never make it until they at least pull someone up with them. Some black leadership in our urban communities are too stuck on titles to actually get the peoples business done. We see neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago, parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn, east of the Anacostia river in DC, the West End of Atlanta and other impoverished areas where we have the audacity to gentrify the neighborhoods and push the poor out the door without at least giving a helping hand yet we worry about titles and the kind of cars we drive and the neighborhood with the family home (in the suburbs) with the 2.5 children and a family dog. We call that the American dream? It is only the American dream when every American can live their true dreams out or as our constitution so eloquently put it the pursuit of happiness. We must lose the crabs in a barrel mentality that has always existed among blacks. A dream deferred is not a dream that is no longer possible, it is just a dream put on hold. It is now time to make a real change. There are no more excuses.

KDJones II

Inaugural Update

Sup all I have been so caught up in inaugural festivities I have not been on here to read or write. Just a quick update i'll be attending one of these snazzy balls Tuesday night. My main goal, networking lol. DC is full of buzz. As a native of this city I cant recall in my lifetime when this city was popping the way it is. Sure I was at the million man march but that has nothing on this. Speaking of that march where is Farrakhan?

If you're not here in DC keep yours prayers in this direction for all the millions converged here and for Obama as he takes on not only the presidency but all the burdens that will hit him Wednesday morning.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Washington Blade article with yours truly

2005 DC pride panel discussion I took part in. Also before I found the gym lol.

Monday, January 12, 2009

To shoot or not

Wassup all, I was highly disturbed when I saw the footage of that young black man being shot in the back at the metro station in California. That officer had no provocation to do what he did. He took a mans life for no reason. It goes to show that police brutality is real and racism still exists. Not too many things move me but when I saw the blatant disregard for protocol by that officer I was disturbed. He deserves the same punishment he gave to that young man; a firing squad.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Question For Ya'll

If your BF/significant other got upset because you didn't call him/her all day would you get upset and throw a fit?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tell A Hookup Story #5

Todays story is more of a funny one. So as you all know I use to work at a resteraunt in Atlanta. So one day I was working this birthday party with about 15 people. Everyone but one person was there so we started taking orders. This boy finally comes and I could tell he was gay, and kinda cute. I was very professional with him like I am with everybody. So I had a second party come in half way through their visit so I moved on to them since there was 2 of us working this one party. All went well and about a month later I was on myspace and I guess randomly started talking to this boy. We chat, exchange numbers and talked on the phone. I was discussing where I worked when he said he dined there before with his friends for someone's birthday. Since I worked most of the large parties I was sure that I had to have run across him. It was finally revealed that he was the one in the party that night lol. He said that after he came I started acting strange which wasn't the case. I just had another group to do. So one Sunday he invited me over for pizza and to chill and watch a movie. He was rooming with this lesbian who I really liked. She was real cool and down to earth. So we eat chill talk..nothing sexual at all. Since it was Sunday night we decided to go to the Chaparelle, one of Atlanta big gay Sunday night spots. We go and have a blast. While there, I run into another dude that I was kinda talking to, but nothing serious. His story is one that will knock yours socks off. I met him at the Hilton about a year earlier. He does what you call a 'stunt queen' We chilled and drinked the night I met him and I slept at the hotel, no sex. Anyway after a while I never hear from him. Come to find out he was in jail for 6 months. Anyway thats a whole blog in itself cause theres way more. So back to Brian I slept at his house that night after we had talked ourselves to sleep. Brian and I really hit it off. He had just recently broke up with his boyfriend and so had I. AND we were both leos which can be a good or a bad thing. The sex was hot and we always had a good time together at Piedmont Park, Joes on Juniper..ATLIENS yall know what im talkn about lol. But I think I rubbed him the wrong way though when I showed up at his place unexpectedly. It was a surprise visit but it didn't go as planned. The texts and phone calls and im's became very few until there was little communication. I saw him and his lesbian friend in the club and me being stubborn I didn't say much to him. His friend came over and said hello. This story doesn't end like most of them because we no longer talk. I honestly completely forgot about him until I went through my yahoo list. I have no ill will against him and I hope he is doing well.

The next story will be about the stunt queen and all that transpired there. The people I run into lol.

How important is sex in a relationship?

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers! I hope that ya'll had a safe and enjoyable new year. So I decided to start my blog about something I have found myself in. Sex or the lack there of in my current relationship. So the 13th will mark 4 months since we have been together and we have not had a lot of sexual relations. The only reason for that is we both do not have our own place for that to happen. So I know you're thinking well rent a hotel room. It's in the works but he doesn't want it to seems planned. Which leads me to the question how important is sex in a relationship? Can one survive with only a little of it, or even a lot?

To reply to some questions from my last posts first my decision is not final yet on my possible relocation but I will keep ya'll updated on that.

Second my blog stories are not in a book yet but that idea has been thrown around. My original purpose was not to write a book but I think I am enjoying writing these stories as much as you all enjoy reading them. Im not sure how many i'll do but there is surely a lot more to come.