Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidayz Update

Wassup folks! Happy Holidays to you and yours. If you were like me stuck in 20 inches of snow, then you couldnt do the last minute shopping u meant to do over the weekend. Epic fail I know but it will get done someday this week. Despite all the cold and snow, is it just me or does it not feel like Christmas? So whats new with me? So much yet so little. I'll make it simple... Single still - yes...talking to someone... nope. You may recall last year I was in a relationship around this time so its been a year since I have been comitted. In the year I have grown and learned so much. I have a promising career doing what I love. The rest I leave in God's hands. Be blessed and safe over this Christmas holiday.



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Jamar Herrod said...

well things change as the years roll. Good to see you are still pushing through. Its a wonderful thing.