Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DC Gives Stamp of Approval on Gay Marriage

Well folks, I had to come out of hiding on this one. I have been so engulfed in work at City Hall that I have not found time to blog. However, something of epic proportions as this deserves a blog. Yesterday, the DC City Council on an 11-2 vote approved same sex marriages in the District of Columbia. The Mayor is expected to sign the bill. Of course like any DC law passed, it is subject to a Congressional review period of 30 days. However Congress is not likely to intervene on this bill. This piece of legislation was years in the making, as DC as always been a progressive city, just caught under the watchful umbrella of Congress, who unfairly has the right to have say so on local matters. Nevertheless this was a victory for DC in many ways. With DC joining five states on allowing same sex marriages, it gives the city a sense of autonomy when it comes to making legislation and passing controversial laws. Futhermore it exploits the fact that DC is a city that does not have voting rights in Congress. With over 600,000 people UNREPRESENTED, this is a modern day atrocity. Congrats to the newly engaged and to the city council for thir hard work.

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