Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Hook Up #9 -Sinner or Saint?

Atlanta, 2004, I was reminded of this story through a friend that knows the same dude. I think I met dude, we'll call him tony, through blackplanet. He was a freshman at Clark Atlanta and we decided to meet on the strip aka promenade. We had a good discussion and found out we had a lot on common, including being student govt President in HS. Anyway we called it a night. I told my bestfriend at Clark also about the incident and come to find out he had a crush on dude as well, lol. Although they never messed around to my knowledge Tony and I had a open friendship for about a month. We went on a "Date" to the Annual Morehouse-Spelman Christmas Concert. after that we actually hung out, in my bestfriends room lol. That was quite the experience. Since we all knew each other at this point, Tony gave me a lap dance while I was sitting on the bed as my friend on he pc laughed and tried not to look. He swore he didnt have a crush on dude but I still felt uncomfortable about the situation. So a few weeks later Tony comes to the student center one rainy night and he told me that he was trying to "turn straight" at the same time, maybe through foolishness or love struck, I decided to do the same. We clearly both failed lol within a week. However we didn't talk much after that and the most we ever shared was a kiss, but I believe he was the reason I decided to study the Bible and homosexuality. Tony is doing very well now as his facebook shows but we haven't spoken in 5 years.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unemployment at 25% in Ward 8 in DC

Ward 8 has challenges — its poverty and unemployment rates, at 36 and 25 percents respectively, are the highest of any of the city’s wards, as is its percentage (34 percent) of residents without a high school diploma, according to the Urban Institute and Washington,D.C. Local Initiatives Support Corporation for 2000, the last year for which numbers were available.
Ward 8 also had the highest number of violent crimes at 22 per 1,000 residents of any D.C. ward in 2007, the last year for which numbers were available, according to the Corporation (the D.C. city-wide average is 14 violent crimes per 1,000 residents).

According to NBC 4, most of the unemployment in ward 8 can be traced to lack of education and a criminal record. This is a troubling issue as people need jobs in order to survive. It is statistically known that more jobs equal less crime. So the question is how do we solve this problem? Its simple, adult education and literacy programs are pertinent to solving this paradox. Second more jobs that help support and grow the community. Most of the time, this issue falls on the government to fix but I believe the community should have a helping hand as well. If we stuck together as a community, I believe the problem wouldn't be as bad. A lot of non profits help with adult education and offer jobs but we need more invested interest. The government cannot solve everything.