Monday, August 10, 2009

Tell A Hook Up Story #8 -Internal Affairs

The loooong awaited return of this series! Again thank you all for the feedback. Of course names, and dates are made up to protect any third party.

ATLANTA, Georgia, Fall 2005. Another year of college brought new experiences and challenges but none as peculiar as this. As I was exploring "the life" style in and out the clubs and starting to leave the confines of my dear college lo and behold a member of the college reached back for me. I was on m4n one fine crisp Fall Afternoon on my normal 2 hour break before my next class and I run across a dude who was at the time in his late 20's. A big no no for me at the time since I was barely making 20. Anyway he didn't look his age and he was cute so I figured I would give him some play. We talked briefly and then he asked what school did I go to? I told him and he replied I worked there? Naturally,I was shocked and even horrified in a way? Did he know me? He told me he worked in the payroll office so he doesn't run into students much. I was relieved. So I decided to meet him at the office. It was funny meeting someone from a site like that and acting so inconspicuous, I deserved a damn Oscar, lol. Anyway he was really cool in person and our first encounter was clean. We eventually exchanged YIM information and had another meet and greet on his lunch break in the office. We were both "orally" inclined and that "session" lasted 10 maybe 15 minutes.I have done and did the do in some interesting places but this was maybe the most unique lol. Of course we didn't meet up too much as to not arouse suspicion but when we did, it was a good mid day snack on my part lol.

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