Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reflections on being a Teacher

Last summer, I had the pleasure of co-teaching a 5th grade summer session at Excellence Charter School in Brooklyn, NY. I thought this blog would be appropriate,since many are embarking upon another school year. When I think of being a teacher, many adjectives come to mind. However the one that really stands out is dedication. I once heard someone say that if you can stand in front of a class and try to maintain and teach children, you can handle any job.
Many people do not give teachers the credit they are due. They are the lifetime, between success and failure. Many work sun up to sun down before and way after school lesson planning, grading papers and thinking of new ideas to improve their teachings style. For almost 3 months, I lived the life of a teacher. I had to plan lessons, teach, in addition to attending professional development sessions in the evenings. Many people see teaching as a stepping stone to another career but those that stay are the most dedicated.

I cannot stress enough the importance of black male teachers in inner city schools. I remember my own 5th grade teacher, a black male, who scolded me for not getting a math problem right. I will never forget that man or the influence of the many teachers I have had during my academic career.

Today I salute the teachers of the world, as you are producing the next generation of leaders.

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Mark said...

I agree on the importance of male teachers. They made a big difference in my life. Unfortunately, according to this article, they are slowly disappearing.