Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Spill on a few of the Major Topics

Hello folks!

I know many of you have been asking about my blogs. I have not written in a while but you can rest assured I have been up on the major issues I tend to blog about. I really don't know where to begin so I guess I'll work my way backwards.

The situation that involved the black Harvard professor and a white cop I believe was clearly racially motivated. I don't have clear cut evidence of this but let's use common sense. The man looked suspicious in a predominantly white neighborhood. I don't know what occurred once the police arrived but the fact that he was taken to jail...especially if he did show his I.D. tells me that this was an abuse of the law. There was no reason for that man to be arrested. Belligerent or not wouldn't you be furious if cops came to your home and gave you a hard time on your property?

The Michael Jackson story develops with no shocking news to me. From day 1 I was suspicious of that Doctor. From him leaving the scene to the police towing his car, his story never added up. I don't know his M.O. but hopefully if this man was the man behind Jackson's death he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
As im sure many of you do I feel sorry for his kids. I hope they grow up into their full potential, no matter who eventually ends up raising them.

So Michael Vick is a free man and now can play in the NFL again. If he is genuinely sincere I know the Lord will provide for him to play on a higher level and maybe even carry some team to the Superbowl. Talk about a success story.

On Obama's healthcare plan I am still up in the air on how I feel. My grandmother called it communism and some believe anything ran by the government has a catch. I do believe Obama has good intentions with this healthcare reform but how many people will it hurt? We all know it will not be as glittery as some Democrats are saying. I understand that under our current system the US is putting tons of money into healthcare. Quite honestly I feel like some Doctors could use a pay cut. That stance may be radical but im honest. Infact that could apply to overpriced lawyers and any other field that charges inflation prices. I surely believe that these professionals should be awarded but we are talking about basic rights and care. Every American should be entitled to healthcare and provided a good lawyer, not some barely trained person they give you when you cant afford a lawyer. This country is about the haves and the have not's but in the richest country on the planet that should not be the case. Before the recession I could never understand homelessness here but the recession opened my eyes. Greed is the reason why this is the land of the unequally free.

On to DC politics poor Marion Barry is again caught in a rut. a love triangle that may cost him more than he envisioned. Mr. Barry if you ever read this please know you cannot take city funds and just throw them at your girlfriends. Too many hard working people pay their taxes and it does not give you a right to manipulate the system. If there was a way to impeach a councilmember I would be first to sign. This is simply ridiculous and embarrassing. I look up to you as a skilled political figure. I don't know many people that can go from prison to the mayor's chair...and these days it seems to be the other way around. But your time is over. DC, especially ward 8 needs a leader that will use city funds in a correct manner and bring a more positive image to the city.

Oh by the way I celebrated my 24th Bday last Thursday. Shout out to all the LEO's!

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