Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tell A Hook Up Story # 7- From the Club to the Bed

Its about time I did another one of these lol. Thanks for all the feedback.

Back in the day a young mind would leave the club and go right to the hook up. This is such a story. A Sunday night in Atlanta which means the Chaparral was the place to go. A few drinks in and the music poppin is the feel good sensation clubbing can bring. However this one night some dude was really checkin me out. One dance with that dude would have been enough but numbers were exchanged and suddenly it goes from there. After the club we talked outside and I almost nutted after seeing his mercedes Benz car. I knew this would be cute. So I followed him to Stone Mountain, farr from my spot near downtown Atlanta. His house was big just as I pictured it. He even had a fireplace in his bedroom. He was decent looking and had a decent body so it was definately on. It was truly a "vers" night as we both took and gave it up for a good hour maybe. You can call it a sleepover because the next morning I was treated to breakfast in bed. One of the best hook ups ever lol.


thegayte-keeper said...

yeah those are best...

JanaB said...

Just don't hook in DC. . . PERIOD. It is not worth it. PERIOD. Too much shit going around. . . condoms do not protect against EVERYTHING. SO much stuff is skin-to-skin. REAL LIFE 2009.

I focus on DC because we have the highest rates in everything .. .