Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DC Council Recognizes Gay Marriage

Wassup all. You all KNOW I love to blog about the DC Government and today a historic thing was done. The Council voted 12-1 to recognize same sex marrages performed in other states. Of course the odd ball to vote against it was suddenly moral Marion Barry. Barry, who has been an ally for the gay community and even promising to support this issue FLIP FLOPED on the vote citing confusion. One of the two openly gay council members David Catania called Marion Barrys stance on the issue bigotry. This sudden albatross for Barry really made him an outcast.
Surprisingly Mayor Fenty stated he will sign the bill into law.

One would have thought during the discussion that Barry started the gay rights movement as he cited his work with the gay community since 1971. I am again ashamed of Barry and personally will write a letter to his office criticizing his change of vote on this civil rights issue.

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