Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mayor Adrian Fenty why wont you talk to us?

For the last couple of years the mayor of the District of Columbia was a breath of fresh air from the previous Williams administration. Fenty ran as a young, zealous, energetic challenger and won the peoples hearts. As a former Council member he was well known for speaking his mind on issues and representing his ward of the city well.

Now as mayor he has really changed. He has become a mayor of seclusion and secrecy. No one knows where his travels take him. He was caught flying overseas and stated that the United Arab Emirates paid for his travels which was around $25,000. He was also caught taking a trip to where we now know was New York touring schools up there. The sad part is he was obscure and should have just been up front. It makes many wonder what is he hiding? But this is only a drop in the bucket in the plethora of issues I have with this mayor. He has shut down homeless shelters, cut funding to early education programs, did a U-turn on the DC Voting Rights Bill supporting the gun amendment and to top it off proposes that DC residents pay for their own street lights. Oh did I mention he is currently in a childish battle with the city council over baseball tickets he is withholding from them? Ludicrous
right? That's not all! His administration is being investigated about selling two DC fire trucks to some foreign country and he is being sued by a former employer who alleges that the mayor fired him because he called him out about the mayors two sons being too old to play in the DC Pee-Wee division. Fenty in response stated quote, " city personnel policies forbid him from talking about the issue.

Fenty really pulled the veil over our eyes but not anymore. It is time someone spoke up and made him stand for his actions. Hiding behind bureaucracy should not work in 2009. As a native DC resident I challenge the mayor to be honest with us and not work against us. Do not bilk the residents of the District of Columbia anymore! This is not a diatribe just an honest opinion from a political observer on the current state of our mayor.

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Jamar Herrod said...

Mayor Fenty sounds like former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich...CORRUPT STATE OFFICIALS DOING NOTHING BUT spending taxpayers money and RUINING THEIR COMMUNITIES.