Friday, February 20, 2009

My Response to New York Post Cartoon

For the last few days everyone that I know have been asking me my opinion on the controversial political cartoon from the New York Post. At first I didn't make a big deal out of it, as people write their own editorial opinions everyday in the newspapers. However when I finally gave it a good look I thought that it was gory, despicable, lacks taste and substance, and racist. Other than the nasty picture of the chimp being shot with the bullet holes and the blood the caption above says it all "They will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill." We all know president Obama has been the main supporter of the bill that just passed Congress. It was a direct attack of the president of the United States. This borderlines freedom of speech and a treat to the president. Im not even going to compare the racial implications between the chimp and President Obama.
I did some research on the creator of this mess and found that he is known for his controversial cartoons against gay people, women, you name it.
News Corp, the NY Post or someone needs to do some serious damage control.

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Mr. Jones said...

I'm with you on this. They tried it and went too far in doing so.

Luckily, it's only The Post. No one with any sense actually reads that paper. LOL.