Saturday, February 7, 2009

More DC Talk: Snow Police

So the wonderful city that I reside in is now trying to make it a law that you must completely clean off your car before driving after a snow storm or face a stern warning. The original idea was to fine the law breaker $50 if caught driving with a car covered with snow. However that thankfully was knocked down.

I think this council has LOST it. DC is the first jurisdiction in the nation to impose this type of law. I wish the council would battle more troubling issues like hmm maybe more jobs for DC residents, school reform or maybe explain the 4 homicides in ward 8 during the inauguration. Seems like all the police were downtown and none patrolling the communities that needed them most. DC has been the laughing stock of the nation for too long. Its time we put someone in these offices (DC) that really want to make changes not just aggravate the people.

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Anonymous said...

police are pigs.......:)