Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exposed! 25 Random Things About Me

Happy Sunday people! I know not many gay people are into sports like I am but if you are watching the Superbowl today you should know that the Steelers are going to win. I am a Cowboys/Falcons fan..I know two teams but who cares..however im sticking to the east coast team.

I have several blogs sitting in drafts waiting to be posted that I haven't finished. So there is a lot more to come. I have to say I have been reading some good blogs lately. Oh yea My Urban Tales series will continue as well with the stunt queen story which I have been getting many emails about.

Every so often I like to just write directly to the readers as opposed to having a main topic of discussion. Mostly to answer questions publicly raised in the blog comments. Today however I am giving you all more. Facebook has started this 15-20-or 25 random things about you chain where you post a number of random things about you that most people don't know. I have contemplated doing this since I am a private person and like to keep my skeletons in the closet if you will but 2009 is a time for honesty and transparency so here it is! I know there will be questions which i'll address in a separate blog lol.

1. Im extremely stubborn
2. My favorite cereal is Apple Jacks
3. I can play a video game for 24 hours straight
4. I like to gamble.
5. I just learned how to play spades last year.
6. I've had 6 cars in 5 years. (No accidents)
7. I never got a speeding ticket.
8.I have driven from DC to Atlanta back and fourth 16 times.
9. I have a weakness for trimmed bushy eyebrows
10. I love old school music
11. I've been called a "homo thug"
12. I have very few close female friends
13. I ran my high school like the mafia
14. My first pet was a rabbit
15. I love to cook
16. I've done more than enough webcam "shows"
17. I want to name my son after me KDJ III
18. I have never gone to the hospital
19. I once kicked a boy through a wall taking Tae Kwon Do
20. I was once a borderline alcoholic
21. I've only smoked weed once and never got high
22. I like my men short
23. I've been told I look like Chris Tucker and Mario
24. I've never understood femme lesbians..umm get a man?
25. I have to visit the ghetto in any city I go to..the real city

26. I've thought about being a professional wrestling sports commentator
27. I once wanted to own my own funeral home (Recession proof)
28. I have met Michael Jordan, Usher, Jermaine Dupree, Tyler Perry, Paula Abdul, Chris Tucker, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Terrence Howard, Andre 3000, Valerie Simpson, of Ashford and Simpson and almost met Michael Jackson and LL Cool J
29. I know im bound for greatness, just don't see the whole path yet
30. I hate the fact people look at me differently if I dress urban as opposed to wearng a suit.
31. Im handy at fixing things
32. I once went clubbin 7 days straight (revival)


J said...

its all about them cardinals and the office aftershow, but i still think the steelers are gonna win and hines ward will be the MVP.

but its all about them frosted flakes, yo. ive only had one car but ive had four ipods in that same time period. ive smoked weed a couple of times and never got high. I feel higher when smoking a black & mild, but only the wine flavor.

i am also destined for greatness.

Q said...

My first pet was a rabbit as well, and lmao at "club revival".

Anonymous said...


"Homo Thug"?!? Means you more man, right?!?

Keith Jones said...

Yes Reggie I suppose thats what it means lol