Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DC Council Considers ban on Blunts? WTF

As if the DC Council, the District of Columbia's governing legislative branch, didn't have anything else better to do they are considering a ban on blunts in order to prevent people from stuffing them for marijuana. The proposed ban is focused on teens that partake in this 'puff puff' transfer. Does the council really think this is going to curb teens from smoking? Is not marijuana already illegal? I think that they need to focus on improving our schools other than trying to play parents.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I don't know about you, but I find this amusing! LoL.


JanaB said...

Loving your blog. . . and clearly we our on the same "team" as in we are damn tired with the world thinking that DC is bunch of white collared WHITE men, old boys network, rich B#$&% wonderful place to live where everything runs well. . . I will say that the reasoning behind banning blunts is not solely for the "stuffing" of weed and furthermore, I ask you to not take WEED so lightly. It is nearly RUINED my little brothers life. YES, the schools are so bad. I was at Anacostia HS on Friday and I just wanted to break down and cry, then scream and then it just makes me keep going. . .I guess like you and everyone else. . . you may want to check out a few of my posts on my blog. .

Furthermore. . . if you could feel my rage at the Tobacco companies targeting to the black community. . oh my don't get my started (my friends would re-assure you of that! :)

Anything. . . to help to the youth of today in DC is better than the council city on their A#$%#@

Thanks for all you are doing!!!