Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You to my Friends!

Hello all, I am dedicating this blog to all my friends around this country. Through many of my ordeals I have realized that there is a select few that stick around.

My brothers Carl, Dutch, Mike, Michael Scott, Perez and Durian. You all have come into my life at different phases and you have been the most honest and open hearted people I have met. I could say so much like Carl's open heart, Mike's open and funny spirit, Mike Scotts genuine concern and shared vernacular (inside joke) or Dutch's authentic country accent lol. I truly care for you all.

My bestfriend Jonathan- although we haven't talked much lately we have shared a lot of very intimate moments together. You wear my clothes and I wear yours even the expensive stuff lol. I even forgot you had my Billionaire Boys Club shirt. And you didn't care I wore your ferragamos. I could never get that burberry scarf to go with my shirt though lol. You have been there for better or worse and we have taken many road trips and talked about just about literally everything. Not many people know me as well as you do and our now 6 year friendship is something I cherish.

Close friends Adam, JB, Corey, Zedrick- You all have been in my life for quite a well and a few of you all have seen a very different side of me. Adam always happy to lend a ear and concerned about my well-beingg, JB what can I say we share a storied past yet we remain good buddies. Corey you are my buddy for life and I know that you are going somewhere as the next Quincy Jones. Zedrick we have been friends for a looong time. Although we have never met we have kept in communication for all this time. Even when I met your ex during his trip to ATL for Morehouses homecoming all he could talk about was you. You are a very unique person and reliable in a time of need.

Extended friends Mendoza, Reece, Tray, Jason. Mendoza you're my adopted brother through Perez. We had some great times together and you have a genuine heart. Reece like Mendoza you have a great heart. You both were dating dudes that were older than you and I tried to be there to listen to your stories. I know you all will find what u want in life. Tray I could write a book on our friendship. From BFF to barely even speaking to kinda talking again. We have come a long way and I know I royally screwed up our friendship. I was young and dumb and put money over friendship. I am glad you found it in your heart to forgive me. I mean we really had some FUN times. Its so funny because you're a republican, im a democrat, you wanna pledge Q and I want to pledge A yet we got a long so well.
Jason as the oldest dude I ever dated I saw that you have a genuine heart and selfless ambition. Although we went through some rough times and I had to let it go I appreciate your maturity and your "fatherhood" ways.


deonte' k said...

It's always a good thing to give friends thanks & appreciation for them being there 4 u... good blog entry.

Corey Keith said...

Friends are what sustain us! God, I love my friends and it is so important to let them know how much they mean to you...