Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tell A Hookup Story #6

I know a lot of ya'll have been waiting for this story so let me get right into it. The stunt queen. Well as I said in the previous story we met one night off BGC and I went to the Hilton where he was staying. Nice hotel so I figured someone had some money. He seemed cool and quiet, kinda shy at first. I went up to the room and we had salutations. I sat down and he offered some drinks from the cooler I mixed a tonic and soda water. We chilled and talked until we fell asleep. He had two beds in the room and thats how we slept but by the morning only one bed was being used lol. The conversation the night before was what I call a get-to-know-you kinda convo. No sex was involved although we ended up in the same bed, just cuddling and more sleeping. We didn't get up till 11 am, but note we went to sleep probably around 5 am.

He then told me as we got dressed that he was a stunt queen. Since I am well versed in gay terminology I knew immediately what he meant. I said it was cool, but I was more curious with how the whole operation worked. I never got details, but listening in on a few convos with his "fam" gave me an idea. So as he checked out the hotel I met his gay family that was also in the scene. They seemed cool and we agreed to meet up later.

That would never happen as I came to learn a year later he was locked up for stolen checks found in his car during a stop for speeding in Alabama. We continued to talk for a while, even hooking u a few times and going to a bar or a club. As of this story though, we haven't talked in a while but I hope that he is trying to get his life together.

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