Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tell A Hookup Story #5

Todays story is more of a funny one. So as you all know I use to work at a resteraunt in Atlanta. So one day I was working this birthday party with about 15 people. Everyone but one person was there so we started taking orders. This boy finally comes and I could tell he was gay, and kinda cute. I was very professional with him like I am with everybody. So I had a second party come in half way through their visit so I moved on to them since there was 2 of us working this one party. All went well and about a month later I was on myspace and I guess randomly started talking to this boy. We chat, exchange numbers and talked on the phone. I was discussing where I worked when he said he dined there before with his friends for someone's birthday. Since I worked most of the large parties I was sure that I had to have run across him. It was finally revealed that he was the one in the party that night lol. He said that after he came I started acting strange which wasn't the case. I just had another group to do. So one Sunday he invited me over for pizza and to chill and watch a movie. He was rooming with this lesbian who I really liked. She was real cool and down to earth. So we eat chill talk..nothing sexual at all. Since it was Sunday night we decided to go to the Chaparelle, one of Atlanta big gay Sunday night spots. We go and have a blast. While there, I run into another dude that I was kinda talking to, but nothing serious. His story is one that will knock yours socks off. I met him at the Hilton about a year earlier. He does what you call a 'stunt queen' We chilled and drinked the night I met him and I slept at the hotel, no sex. Anyway after a while I never hear from him. Come to find out he was in jail for 6 months. Anyway thats a whole blog in itself cause theres way more. So back to Brian I slept at his house that night after we had talked ourselves to sleep. Brian and I really hit it off. He had just recently broke up with his boyfriend and so had I. AND we were both leos which can be a good or a bad thing. The sex was hot and we always had a good time together at Piedmont Park, Joes on Juniper..ATLIENS yall know what im talkn about lol. But I think I rubbed him the wrong way though when I showed up at his place unexpectedly. It was a surprise visit but it didn't go as planned. The texts and phone calls and im's became very few until there was little communication. I saw him and his lesbian friend in the club and me being stubborn I didn't say much to him. His friend came over and said hello. This story doesn't end like most of them because we no longer talk. I honestly completely forgot about him until I went through my yahoo list. I have no ill will against him and I hope he is doing well.

The next story will be about the stunt queen and all that transpired there. The people I run into lol.


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ "Stunt Queen"!!!!:)

thegayte-keeper said...

the things interesting things men give us to blog about (^_^)

Jamar Herrod said...

Oh no! lol. I should perhaps think more on terms like that.