Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok so I feel the need to blog some thoughts. Today I decided to change my yahoo screen name because over the last 6 years I have accumulated quite a few names. So in that I announced it to my friends in a mass message. Probably a big mistake. So much negativity. All I heard was u whore this and u whore that. Im like WOW. I know I had a promiscuous stage when I went off to college. I went to an all male black school in Atlanta, GA. Enough said. It was the first time I had a chance to explore my sexuality. Im not trying to justify anything but I think that should be known. Im attractive yes and used it to my advantage. Hell who wouldn't. I pulled many dudes and some that others became to be envious. I am a BIG flirt and now I see my flirtatious ways led many on and caused my name to be defamed. It's cool because I really dont have to prove anything to anyone unless you are paying my bills. I so glad that I have grown and matured to a point where I know how to take negative energy and make good use of it.

It is a shame that gay people always assume. Why is it that every gay guy someone knows, they assume that there was some form of sexual encounter? Not even half the gay dudes I know have I had any form of sexual engagement. The small percentage that I have messed with was oral and even less did I go all the way. There is too much mess out there to be laying with every man that has a dick or ass.

Even WORSE most of us went through some promiscous stage and front like we are virgins. Spare me. Im so glad that I have a dude now thats honest and I am to him. We can accept each other for our pasts and move on. Thats what gay people need to do we need to stop digging for dirt and start burrying it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Stance on Gay marriage

Its amazing after prop 8 passed the backlash the gay community has thrown out towards blacks and Hispanics. Its soo amazing to me that we elected the first black president and in California rights were being taken away. ANYONE in California, or Arizona where a similar measure was on the ballot that voted for Barack Obama and against gay marriages should be ASHAMED of themselves as HYPOCRITES. Im not the one to judge but its the truth. Who are we to say who is to marry? Its a debate that doesnt even need to be debated. I love the argument, trying to protect the sanctity of marriage. What sanctity? With the 50% plus divorce rate in the US I dont see where. My thing is this. If two people LOVE each other whether they be male female, male male or female female, cat dog hell whatever, that they be given EQUAL treatment UNDER LAW.Is it not in the Preamble to the Constitution that we have the inalienable right to the puruit of happniness. I never knew love and compassion to be a crime and its a shame that so many are afraid of it. I know many of us are caught in the stereotypes of all gays are going to hell. Let me set this point straight NO sin..if it is even a sin, is greater than the other, and he who is witthout sin cast the first stone.

I bellieve that all people that want to become one shall have that rights, we make things too complicated. Its that simple.

oh Love to Wanda Sykes and Queen Latifah, classy lesbians lol.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Perfect Life?

Was good folks. My most favorite time of the year approaches again. The time from Thanksgiving through Christmas. In my now 23rd Holiday season, I can recall so many good times, and some bad. From one of my biggest Holiday season at 9, to the worst in 96 when my grandfather died. I thank the Lord for bringing me to another holiday season. With that said in this year times seem to be rough. People are losing jobs, the stocks are almost 50% down from its 14,000 point high and Americans are financially hurt. You know if the middle class is hurting, the working poor is being slammed. But in these times of trials and tribulations I see a silver lining. It is that this too shall pass. Trouble dont last always and for this Thanksgiving 2008 not only am I thanking God for what he brought me through but for what he will do in the future.
This has been not just a rough year financially for most of us but in so many others ways.
Heck as I write this im having some relationship trouble (communication) but Im handing it over to the Lord.

I want you all to think about this. I was talkn with my baby earlier and I said this point. What if everything was perfect in your life? If there is such a thing. Would you be happy? We must understand that without struggle there is no growth, or as Fredrick Douglass said no progress. We tend to always come out stronger and better in the end.

So as they say keep hope alive and if I dont write this week have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wassup, I know I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but im back. Since I last wrote, American accomplished a great thing. Electing a black president! I am so proud of President- Elect Obama and his accomplishment that has shaken the core of the world and has opened the door for future African Americans that want to pursue that office.

So in my personal life I am happily married lol with that special someone I mentioned to y'all in a previous blog. Of the relationships I have had, this one is surely unique. The last 3 months have had more high than lows and I thank God for Love. On the other hand I was told not long ago that I was a heart breaker. I know I have done my stuff in the past but come on heart breaker. I guess the reality didn't hit me until I talked to a person that I was dating a little while ago. We had a rough little break up. He said he wanted to bust the windows out my car! lol. That song really inspired some mess. Nonetheless I guess I have a strong effect on people. Better yet, I know I am a flirt. maybe I took it too far in the past to leading people on. Whatever it maybe, im sorry!