Monday, December 29, 2008

Tell A Hookup Story #4

So I have to write about a really funny time I had at this gay conference. (Yes a gay conference_ The HRC sponsored an HBCU summit every year in DC for students that wanted to network and help manage their campus GLBT organizations.I went for 3 years and just about every year has a story, lol so I will just write about the most interesting time I had. My last year at the conference I had spotted this dude that I though was so smart and cute. I even told my bestfriend who was there that I was going to get him. I guess I played my cards right. The dude we'll call Mickey. So Mickey and I didn't even talk at all the first day. It so happened that we started talking on capitol hill where we were lobbying members of Congress to support the HRC and share our stories. Believe it or not, we took an extended lunch break, bought some liquor for our "social later on that night" left the liquor with his friend since he attended Howard and headed back to the hill. On the way we talked and got to know each other.

When we got back to the hotel it was on! I acted as a bartender since I had the most skills at the time from working behind a bar. Let me tell you when you put gay ppl and liquor together in a room, it all comes out! It was maybe 7 of us in the room. Dudes were starting to get a little frisky if you know what I mean. They started playing this game where you have to blindfold someone and act out their fantasy. Oh the catch, the lights are out! Lawd when those lights came on this nikka was naked! lol. It sounded like phone sex to be honest since you couldn't see anything. So they ended up leaving and it was just me Mickey and two other dudes. It was hella silent because all I could hear was those two kissing and it was dark. Mickey and I at this point were already laying down in the bed because I decided to give him a massage before that crazy game started.We started kissing and taking off clothes, and dry humping for a bit. Next to us I could hear the bed rocking which meant they were wayyy ahead of us. However we didnt get that far since we had fell asleep together. Now in the morning was a different story. it was soo funny coming down to breakfast late and I know everyboy knew but hey it was cute lol. Mickey and I were an item for those few days. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I was so pissed when we had to leave. My bestfriend was like you got it bad lol.

So today we are still friends, more like associates. I eventually came back to DC of course and we spent the night together again. Got a damn parking ticket because of street cleaning but it was worth it lol. Ironically I saw him in the club like a month ago and my current BF was with me so I introduced them. No shade I keep it real. Now had Mickey tried to flirt with me it would have been a different story but I knew he wouldn't do that.


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Is that for sell?!?

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if only your life was mine lol

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Its not for sale yet, lol.