Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tell A Hookup Story #3

The next story in this series is about a time I almost got caught by my room mate. So it was freshman year roughly into October I believe and I was talking to this dude we'll call JD. JD was a high school senior planning on possibly attending Morehouse after he finished. I believe we met on m4n or bgc. Anyway I thought he was really cute and mature so we decided to have "regular sessions. We also hung out a lot since he passed the gaydar. So one weekend my roommate left to go out of town. Anytime he left, I took advantage of it. I would immediately make plans for the weekend while he was away.

One of the advantages of going to an all-male school is that since no one knows everyone, dudes could easily slip by the no female visitors and curfew. Funny though that was actually brought up in a dorm council meeting on which I sat as fundraising chairman. It didn't get far but it was a laugh to me.

So I called JD and made plans for him to stay the weekend. Friday and Saturday went smooth but we spent most of the time out of the dorm. Sunday though, as we were I guess getting last nutts in we took a risk so I literally moved that big tall dorm dresser/closet thing in front of the door. Thank God I did. As we were in the middle of it, I hear some keys and the door knob trying to turn. I hopped up fast as did JD, rushed to pull up our pants and I went to move the closet thingy. I made up an excuse saying the door must have been jammed. My roommate had seen JD before so he was familiar.

Thinking about it now, my roommate met a lot of my pieces and probably didn't even realize it lol. I'm thinking now I wonder if my roommate ever heard me phone boning lol or saw anything on my pc, although he rarely if ever used it. However I would be on that webcam having the time of my life..I wonder if he ever saw what I was doing under that desk which was turned to face hims o he couldn't see the screen. LOL the life of living undercover.

Even if he knew I was gay, he was a cool dude. I respected his boundries and never attempted to hit on him although my bestfriend thought he was sexy. He wasn't my type, he was skinny and homely lol. He wasn't the neatest person but I swear when he cut his hair junior year, LAWD!

I recall having arguments with gay friends about our roommates and their sexuality. I had a crush my bestfriends roommate as he did mine. We were going to switch rooms for one night but it never happened. His roommate had this southern accent with this BIG nice round ass. In this discussion my bestfriend brought up the fact that one night he heard his roommate masterabating. Quote, "all I heard was squish squish." LOL college days.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

LMAO! You and these stories yo. I was an athlete in college so I was too scared to do anything but baby I tore up I95 traveling back and forth home to NYC tho! LoL.


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