Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tell a hook up story # 1

So as I was chatting on yahoo tonight with my friend I ended up talking about my promiscous past. People always say about themselves that they can write books, well I am going to start a series of blogs lol based on my past sexual experiences. I will try to remember the great details to keep you hooked. Some of this may shock you. Some may even judge. Its all good, I have been there. I just want you to enjoy it. No editing. No censoring, pure unadulterated hook ups. Plus my commentary of course lol.

For obvious reasons I will not disclose any real names. So Apparently I just found out as im typing this that my friend who lived in LA two years ago messed with this same Asian dude that I messed with 2 years ago when he was visiting ATL. We described him to the point.

So I forgot his name but we'll call him Chen, I met him on BGC one Sunday afternoon when I should have been studying. Horny and studying don't go along so I did my daily routine of getting on BGC. I am a very picky person so half the messages I didnt respond to. However this cute Asian dude had sent me a message. He was short, like I like my dudes, had a pretty smile and a decent body. We exchanged messages to reveal he was visiting from LA and wanted to get into something. We then exchanged numbers and then we talked on the phone for a little bit. I can recall he had this West coast accent that really turned me on. He told me he was staying at the Westin in downtown Alanta, no more than 10 minutes from where I was and asked if I wanted to roll through. Horny and satisfied with his qualifications I took the bait. I hopped in the car and headed down MLK drive toward downtown Atlanta.

I found a parking spot in the parking lot of the City Cafe where my friends and I would go after clubbing sometimes. I walked about 1/2 a block towards the hotel and gave him a call. He told me his room number 700 something, so I thought immediately he must have a good view. (Google Westin in ATL and you can see what I mean) So I finally made my way to the elevators, which moved fast as hell to the floor. I knocked and he opened. He was dressed very urban, looking very much like his pics. We chatted for a bit about the time he was spending in ATL and he had showed me what he had bought. I remember thinking this dude is really tryna be a blasian lol. But then I went for it. I went down and pulled down his zipper, took out his dick an started sucking. I can still remember the pubic hair being wavy and looking a little different lol. His piece was ok, what I expected for an Asian lol. He was making all this noise and talkin trash which sounded hot as hell. So we took it to the bed, took off our clothes and 69'd till we both came. he nutted on my chest and I on his face, oops lol. A hot oral session to say the least. I remember texting him for for a few weeks after, with him telling me he wanted me to come to LA and visit him. However we lost contact over time. That was my first and only time with an Asian dude.


THARULA said...

Well we need to start chatting it up and trading stories, because I have some wild ones,lol. I spoke about them in my earlier post.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmm I don't know if I would want to start a segment like this on my blog. But MAN the stories I have...LMAO. Good story yo.