Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Relationships are tough Part I of who knows

Well since everyone I follow posted a blog I thought I would post a more personal one. I appreciate the comments I have been getting and I have enjoyed reading a lot of your blogs. Too much at times lol but certainly enjoyable.

Tonight I sit here a man in a relationship going on officially 2 months unofficially 4 months. That means we dated for 2 months before we made it official. Anyway I have been in 5 relationships since Aug 2004, the time I "came out" and to say the least this one is different. First its different because its the first person I have ever dated in DC, my hometown. All of my exes lived in ATL where I had my own place, own car, I did my own thing. Now that I am back home in DC trying to re-establish myself it has not been easy trying to maintain a relationship. Don't get me wrong, dude is a good fit and very understanding. He has his own issues to deal with like trying to find an apartment and move away from his grandmother. He too had an apartment but got burned by his roommate not holding up his end of the deal so he moved out. Now the difference between us is that he is working pretty much as a manager at Best Buy making pretty good money. Me, well my lousy job isnt paying much, but I thank God for it. His hours are kinda rough. He works in the evenings, I work in the day. So we picked Sunday, a day we are both off, to hang out. I am committed to this relationship although it is tough now, because I know this situation wont last always. The economy is rough and jobs are scarce, even in DC but im searching for something better and trying to finish school at the same time. So many times I have thought about just going back to ATL. There I am guaranteed a job with my bestfriend at Comcast, or I could always go into serving at my old restaurant where I made at least $150 a night. However im not the one to give up and will weather the storm of my personal trials.


Pharaoh said...

Man Good luck. I think you are on the right path. Relationships aren't just tough, they are in fact work. the problme is most people (particularly gay men) would rather walk away when things get difficult instead of putting forth that extra effort.

Q said...

Stick in there, things will work out. It's just good you found someone worthy of having a relationship with in D.C. Most of the guys are conjures, and have multiple agendas, none of them being in a committed relationship. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Relationships will always have their ups and downs. There will be times where things seem like they are going down hill where u wanna just throw in the towel. But that's too easy to throw in the towel. Imagine how strong u two will be when u come out from the troubles together. If you work as a couple and not as individuals. U will undoubtly overcome these short term troubles. Work together as a team.